The floods have pretty much set the scene of what the remaining time I have in Colorado is going to look like, and Juli’s partner Jase LOVES the NFL. So Sunday night, we’ve ordered in Pizza, and no it doesn’t look like the big floppy yucky things we see on TV – PapaJohns is yummy.  Together with a beautiful Merlot from Niagara in Canada, it’s a nice night in.

Jase said “oh good, we can watch the fu-ball.” He is allowed to call it that, he used to be a player.

So, The San Franciso 49ers and the Seattle Sea Hawks are going head to head in Seattle at the Superdome.
Well, my God…. where do I start?

These players have more PPE than a council worker picking up sharps off Bondi Beach.  So it starts to rain, and the Referee calls the game to go on hold for player safety.  I think it might have been his safety because he’s so wired up with electronics and his metal whistle might be a conductor.

So, after about a 25 minute break, they all come back out and start the game.

So there are four quarters and the footage apparently can go out to three hours. As I type this, we are in the 3rd quarter and it’s SF 3 and SEA 12.

The Hawks got 2 points because someone did something nasty in the in goal area.

The next thing that caught my attention was that a SF player went in with a shoulder charge and came off second best.  The man he shoulder charged got up and as any testosterone fueled multimillionaire, dressed like an astronaut so that there is no bruising, 25 year old jock grabs the ball and spins it on the ground.

Yeah, spins it.

What happens?

The Hawks got a penalty – a 15 yard penalty.


Total brain snap.

“What were you thinking dude? Spinning the ball on the ground like that dude??  Really? You coulda hurt someone dude!!”


Then another player was being irritating, like niggling, and the opposition pushed him away because he was being irritating – and the pusher got he penalty against him.  Not the irritator.  Given the quantity of PPE, the irritator should have been sent off. Because you know, standing there saying nasty things about “yo motha” is just plain mean.

The other thing I noticed.  I think the Wide Receiver gets paid the big bucks because he has an innate ability to catch a ball because he sure as shit can’t see it with that helmet on. The head clashes they have because their peripheral vision is rooted is probably why that man had the brain snap and spun the ball on the ground. I wonder if they didn’t have helmets how much it would change the game?

I now know why we never hear about an American Footballer defecting to the NRL.

In other news I bought some of the most beautiful green 3/4 length pants from SAKS yesterday and I looked stunning 😉 I hope I don’t get a penalty for being awesome.

Oh, it’s SF 3 and SEA 22… Go the Hawks…. Yay…

So, that’s all I have to report on Day 13.  There is more rain expected tomorrow morning for the whole day, so more flooding is expected.

Much love
Goddess of the Imperative