Let me introduce you to THE PEOPLE SUCK PHILOSOPHY.  

This philosophy, I have been assured by a spiritual teacher is in fact very ZEN.  

So, here’s how it works….

From the very start of everything, you go forward with the philosophy or knowledge that people suck.  From that moment in time, your expectations of others are so low, you can never be disappointed, and anything above sucking is a profound bonus.

As in the case of a good majority of humanity, the people who actually don’t suck, far outweigh the people who do suck, so if you happen by a person who does in fact suck, you still won’t be affected by their sucking, because you know…

“People Suck!”

You won’t ever be lulled into a sense of people not sucking, because you will be going forth in your day knowing that they do in fact suck and when you get even a glint of a smile from someone, BONUS, that’s above sucking…

So, in essence your day could quite possibly be filled with moments of non-sucking in which case you’ll be so full of the happy chemicals it’ll be like you’ve won lotto everytime you turn the corner OR take a breath, because by rights, you suck too, if you are indeed a person, so you’ll be able to pleasantly surprise yourself each time you do something nice to not hurt another.