I am so profoundly over these large companies who have unevolved CEOs with profit profit profit tattooed over their genitals, quickly followed by ‘do whatever is necessary to increase shareholder happiness’.

We are Australian….where is the fair go in this?

Do you think we’ll ever see an Annual Report come out from a company that says:

“Due to the global financial conditions, our company has put measures in place that have in fact reduced our profit, yet we have been able to secure the positions of 3500 staff who we’ve personally spoken to.  They have agreed to help us weather the storm over the next 12 months. It’s more important to us to ensure the lifestyles of our staff, their families and in turn the wider community, than it is to have a record profit.  We know that you will agree with our strategy and trust you too will weather the storm with us as well.  While we will not reach our $3 billion profit this year, we are still very excited that we will secure a $2 billion profit”?  

Really, what’s a billion in the bigger scheme?

Here’s a concept:

Could you imagine a shopping chain that capped the profit and was transparent about who, when, why and how much to show how they are supporting everyone else?  Could you imagine the fun you would have as the CEO of that company knowing that you weren’t ripping the arse out of a farmer, but helping them grow, prosper and have a life where they can plan ahead to know that short of a natural disaster, their future is safe.  

I would not be a farmer for quids by the way, and it used to be just for the weather patterns, but now its because they have to sell their souls to get greed to come help give them a lifestyle.

Create a movement of empowerment to show the “Food Monopolies” that everyone wins.  Oh hang on, Food Connect is trying to do that but without the monopoly mindset.  Please follow and support them and what they are trying to do.

I don’t know if I am missing something?  I don’t know if I’m being uneducated, but for me I can’t get passed the idea that there has to be another way.

Here’s an example I use often when I’m having thoughts about the stupidity of greed and how it’s like Karma’s best example maker.  

The people who build the Clem 7 Tunnel in Brisbane.  

Let everyone travel free so they can see how much time they’ll save for a little while and then whack on a $4.95 tariff when the free time is off.  So, 50,000 cars a day when it’s free – 1000 cars a day when it’s $4.95 and they go broke.  


What about a $1 tariff, or a 50 cent tariff.  Even if that dropped to 40,000 cars a day, that’s a whole lot of money to help pay the bills than a $4.95 tariff, lets frighten everyone off because we are a greedy mob of idiots thinking that people can afford that.

Same with the milk.  Why do they have to cut the bottom out of prices for the farmers then go whack a big lot on top for profit?  First time ever I reckon we should do something like New Zealand did years ago (don’t know if it is still the same) – you could only buy milk at a Dairy – not at the supermarkets.  Let’s do that, let’s set up shops where you go buy your milk and the farmers own them.

Do you ever think we’ll see a company like the one I mentioned at the beginning of this blog? 

No it’s not a hairy armpitted la-la concept, this is my dream for my lifetime.  

I am intending that my life takes a turn that will put me in a position where I will be a CEO of a large influencer and I will show you how its done.

08 Feb 2012
I saw this picture on Facebook tonight and wanted to add it to the blog… validation of why things need to change and the global business leader says so himself….