If you are reading this, you have a computer, or some method of communication that allows you the gift of seeing something on the internet.

Ergo… you are fortunate and have much to be grateful for.

Right, so we’ve established that important fact.

Here’s my issue.  Why is it that when Christmas comes about, all the pictures of the starving children or those people who live rough come out?

Why do people only seem to feel sorry for those less fortunate than those who are able to read this blog at this time of year?  

FEEL SORRY FOR THEM ALL YEAR… not just when people in nations that are able to – at whatever level works for them – celebrate a time of the year where everyone gets to get into the SPIRIT of the season.

Everyone is entitled to their own feelings about Christmas, truly they are, I’m just hoping that reading this helps you make sure you aren’t allowing past data, someone else’s story or worse still, not allowing yourself to feel abundant to match someone else’s lack of abundance.  Their lack of abundance is not your fault.

As in my life, I strive to ensure that I manage happy in all aspects of my life. 

My message is, don’t rob yourself of an opportunity to be happy, with others because of past data or stories and really, please don’t rob yourself of a chance to celebrate abundance on one day of the year because there are people who are starving or living rough.  

Don’t forget abundance is relative.  Families can have the best Christmas ever on $100 on the back deck of their home with a chook from Woolies and a bag of salad as much as a family heading to New York to celebrate.

If you need to “keep things in perspective” by looking at starving people or homeless people at Christmas time then it’d be really great to see you walking your talk by sharing how you’ve helped others during the festive season.

More, feel sorry for those people ALL year, and actively do something that says you feel sorry for them ALL year, not just Christmas time.

Compassion doesn’t have seasons. 

Merry Christmas 🙂