It’s one of our biggest fears.  

I reckon it starts from when we are young and you do something great in class or at sport and the adults make a fuss of you and then the reactions of others from your peers who don’t want to be happy for you for their own reasons.

Then it keeps carrying on throughout your life where you get to a place where you’ll never blow your own trumpet because the fear of being shot down, teased, ignored or bitched about is just too emotional to deal with.

Then when you do have something and someone comes up to congratulate or make a positive comment you, you play it down. 

I did it yesterday. 

A friend told me she liked my new haircut, instead of saying ‘thank you, me too’, I went into oh this and oh that.  Sheesh, I thought I was over this behaviour.

Clearly not… and as I type this I think I’ve just had an AHA moment. 

Have a friend say something nice to me about my business life and career – definite thank you.

Have someone say something about me physically, still some work. Sigh.

Right, so today, because I’m such an important person in your life :-), I give you permission to be awesome.  

I give you permission to tell me all the things you are proud of about you.
I give you permission to tell me how happy you are with your life.
I give you permission to be earning so much money you never have to want for anything.
I give you permission to be so happy in your chosen career that you know you are changing lives by waking up each day.
I give you permission to be made of teflon and have such an awareness that if someone doesn’t live and breathe your happiness with you, that they still have a ways to go in understanding what good comes to you if you can be truly happy for others.

I give you permission to be awesome.

Please take this opportunity to say the one thing you fear to say the most here in the comment section. Get it out of your head.