I am a firm believer in the Universe putting things in front of you when you need it the most.  

I have begun a journey of personal development in this last couple of weeks because of a part of my life that I am tired of, and I finally realised that it’s my fault and if I’m going to change it, I’ve got to do the work. 

I am sure it’s going to take me to some difficult places, but I’m so done with it, I’m ready to go there and just get through it.

Anyway, here I am on a Sunday afternoon, hiding in my office because it has air conditioning and just flicking around facebook, twitter etc and happen upon this article written by Bernadette Jiwa:

Why you should never work for coffee.”

So, I know when something has resonated with me, I feel dizzy or in extreme cases I feel sick in the belly.

This one made me feel sick AND dizzy.  

I had the AHA moment I’ve been longing for about why I am so busy, why I have less outcomes than I desire, why at the end of my coffee meetings I feel so washed out.

I talk too much….aka I’m great at giving and shit at receiving.

I should have cottoned on a long time ago when one of my coffee meetings of a “second cup” origin commented that they felt ‘dumb’ because they forgot their notepad and I paid for the #$%^ing coffee!


I should have also cottoned onto the fact that people know that I have something valuable to share, because of the quantity of coffee meetings I’ve had over the last two years.

**double sigh**

Bernadette Jiwa in one document of approximately 250 words summed up how easy it will be for me to turn my life around in my business.

It’s not like I haven’t received all the knowledge and tools so far.

Key things I’ve been taught:

  • A good (sales) person will ask six questions to every one of a mediocre (sales) person.
  • You were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.
  • Do you listen to listen or do you listen to answer?
  • Your time is valuable.
  • Your IP is valuable.
  • There is no value if there is no value.

Your knowledge and gifts are significant too. You should never value them at $4.”
Berndatte Jiwa

I recently was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the local daily in my city about my life with social media and what I’ve been doing to help business:

The journo described me as:

The driving force behind the social media revolution in Ipswich…”

Yes…yes I am.

The article was my last ‘wake up and smell the flowers lady’ or in this case because Bernadetta Jiwa’s article has changed everything, I can smell the beans roasting in an organically produced fair trade coffee plantation in Brazil…

Obrigado e aqui estão as minhas tabela de honorários.