Hmmm…two posts in as many days….so I’ve realised when I need to deal with something within myself this is where I turn.  The one way conversation I get to have to help myself, and hopefully help others, because I’ll bet my left leg that I’m not Robinson Caruso in this gig we call life.

Anyway, so what I’m dealing with is a feeling of deflation. 
I have had the most superb day today with a very special friend and work mate, Thea.  We met having our toes done at a nail shop here in Ipswich. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen – speaking from a completely heterosexual point of view – she just had a presence about her.  It took to the end of our treatments before I said anything and it was only to compliment her the colour she’d chosen for her toes. That was enough. I soon discovered her profession and I needed her to help me.  I just knew I could trust her and that I wanted to get to know her more.
How much of our lives have turned out to be similar, I do not have enough white space available to share it.  Needless to say, like my relationship with my mate Tania, Thea and I must have written a contract to be friends in this life time. 
So, we only get to see each other for a short amount of time maybe once a month, but I always…ALWAYS feel like I need to spend more time with her. We are the kind of friends that I reckon I could go on a Mummies Weekend and we could just read books or hang out and not say too much….that level of friendship.
So why do I feel deflated. I learned today what it means to realise that when you listen to all the information from someone you can learn to appreciate why somethings occur and why not everything is about me (or us).  You know how the Universe looks after us all and when you accept, acknowledge and hand things over to the universe the stress leaves?  ….get to the point Manda!!
Ok…Thea and her family are relocating to the other side of Australia at the end of the year. I instantly felt sad because my friendship with her that is really so new, was going to have a hurdle to it’s longevity.  So when she came today and told me all the benefits of the reasons for the move, one struck me so deeply I couldn’t get her on that plane quick enough.  The move means that her husband will not have to go to war.  The move means that he will be there for his children to watch them grow up, to play with them in the afternoon, to drive and watch them on their sports days, open birthday presents, open Christmas presents. He will be able to give his wife a cuddle every morning when they wake up and a kiss good night when they go to sleep.
I am glad my beautiful friend is moving away.