First let me begin by categorically stating that there is nothing wrong with woo-woo. Never has been, never will be.

More than ever in 2012, I was able to finally conceptualise what quantity of people 7,000,000,000 meant.  It means there are so many people on this planet, that even facebook has only got the attention of 1,000,000,000 of them.

That means that not everyone is going to be looking at the same thing all the time and go – oh yeah, that’s for me.  Look at Religion for God’s sake… haha… Manda chucked a funny.

Anyway, for me, the message behind spiritual practices, natural therapies and holistic concepts is important.  Many, in my circles over the years, pretty much have run screaming the other way as soon as they see a dreadlock and purple tie-died harem pants with outstretched arms for a heart bound cuddle.

When I decided to be attuned to Reiki I was hell-bent on letting everyone know I wasn’t a ‘weirdo, tofu eating freak’.  It was so important to me that people realised that I hadn’t changed, that I was still incredibly grounded, a corporate business woman and ate meat albeit lots of the white stuff.

It has been important to me in the last three years to have a corporate presence through my business and to speak to those who would benefit from holistic practices who were missing the message because of the bonging of cymbals and incense burning their retinas. 

What I discovered though is ‘woo-woo’ is relative to the person making the perception. 

I got to be a keynote speaker at the Kitchen Table Networks Jindalee launch in October and I think at the most said Source, Universe and maybe one “dead people”, and later had a corporate business woman comment (after she booked a Reiki) that she thought I was too woo-woo but went ahead with the booking anyway.

You see, I’m so comfortable talking about dead people, giving people guided messages from their dead people and reading energy and removing soul issues through visualisations connected to a version of sharmanism, that it’s part of my every day.  I don’t own tie-dyed anything, I do like wearing flip flops but there’s no beads and they are designer ones …. she says with her pick me persona (big wink).

I was christened the “Corporate Woo-Woo” by Allison Grant of Alli and Genine fame in 2012, and I was happy with that, because you know the “corporate” immediately cancels out the “woo-woo” like in some mathematical, scientific, laboratory hypotheses paradigm thingo.

I guess my message for you as we start out on 2013, which I have dubbed the Year of Speaking Your Truth, is do what feels right for you.  Not everyone is going to be accepting of who you are or what you are about, and unless you show up as a version of Hitler, I’m pretty sure you’ll have more people like you than not.  

Get on purpose and make your own heart sing, and then you will see how your influence shows up with those who reach out to tell you.

Every good wish for your health, happiness and prosperity in 2013.

Much love