It is our job as women to stand beside other women, with nothing but the utmost compassion and understanding that every single one of us has a story and no matter where you stand on the scale of things, everyone of those stories is compelling.

There once was a time that I said I would never work in an office with more than three women due to the bullying I encountered when I worked for a company back in the early 90s. 

I learned that confidence can cure those kinds of fears, and most of all, knowing that those who show up in your life in a negative form have their own story to tell and just might not be in a state of awareness that allows them to own their pain and story.

That’s ok.

Today, after a week of massive lessons, personal development and owning who I am and what I am about, I sit here in a state of euphoria that I am a woman and I have chosen my life’s passion by standing with other women to say ‘every thing is going to be ok’.

Those with daughters reading this, please make sure you bring them up in a state of awareness and honesty that when you fear for them that it’s your fear that you don’t want them to go through what you have.  Share your story, but show them how you grew out of your story.

Being a woman is glorious.

No place for judgement.  No place for anything other than honour and compassion.

When we get to this place, watch what happens when you drop your drop into the ocean.