Miserable, negative, suck you dry people.  We all have them or know them.

Stop what you are doing right now and have a think how many of those you have in your life.

So how many?  Write that down.

How many positive people do you have in your life right now? Write that down.

Look at those two numbers and which is the higher?  If it’s the negative, read on.  If it’s the positive then you are free to go and continue living in the most awesome energy possible.

For those stuck in the vortex of hell that is negativity and negative people, I have ONE solution that will rip you right out of that spiral of doom.  You won’t believe it, and it is so easy.

Donate blood.

That’s all you have to do.  A community service where you do not know who you are helping or why, you just are giving unconditionally with no expectation of return.

The other donors there are so friendly and happy as they are lying there spinning the little squeezy thing or sitting out in the waiting room with there little white cotton ball on the exit point munging on their Sarah Lee muffin or Mars Bar.

The sense of worth and good automatically makes you feel like you could jump Mt Everest.

I know, I got to experience it last night.  Everyone wanted to smile and have a chat, everyone felt like they shared a common bond of unconditional giving and therefore we are instantly friends.  I was there giving blood to be tested because I’ve been matched with someone sick for a bone marrow transplant.

So, if you want to break the chain of bluhhhh in your life… Go. Donate. Blood.