As I sit here on a Friday night WORKING, because there is so much WORK to do, I jumped on my Google Analytics to see if anyone is still happening by my But Why blog and realised how long it has been since my last post.

Not for one second do I think that everyone is sitting around waiting for my ‘words of wisdom’, but I just thought I’d check….which at this point of my week shows me how much I’ve grown in the last month since my last post.

You know how you do stuff to get recognition, to get people to love you, to get people to laugh and the reward you receive when they do.  It’s all about low self esteem I reckon.  I reckon if my self-esteem was through the ka-ginga last month, I wouldn’t have been on google analytics every day seeing if anyone had left a comment or how many people had visited and from which country and what time of the day and did they come here directly or did they come from somewhere else.  Far out self-esteem issues SUCK!

So, my recommendation for self-esteem issues…..GET BUSY.  Fortunately, I’ve had that much going on this last month I haven’t had one second to sit back and go, ‘who loves me today’, even though they would be random strangers who have probably just had a giggle at the name of the link.

Which reminds me the name of my URL:  COUNTRY MUSIC is like magazines full of girls who are too thin or have been photoshopped to within an inch of being someone that needs to register their birth because there is no evidence of them ever existing.  COUNTRY MUSIC is as bad for your self-esteem as a Mills and Boon novel….so the recommendation is still the same – GET BUSY….or be in your final year before you turn 30.  This is also profoundly good for your self-esteem issues.  At 39, my ability to not give a shit about other’s opinions together with my accelerated spiritual journey has lifted me up the self-esteem ladder to a point where I can stand holding on with one hand yelling – COME UP HERE WITH ME, THE VIEW IS AMAZING.

Live your existence from a pure place in your heart and really, nothing else matters.  As long as you are comfortable with what you are doing, and you know you are doing it for the right reasons, Google Analytics is the only kind of analysis you’ll need in your life.

Enjoy the people around you, no matter what journey they are on, it’s their journey, honour them for that.  You need to honour me for my obsessive compulsive disorderly dislike of country music…it’s my dislike, it’s not yours.  So if you like it, it doesn’t mean you dislike me, and in turn, if you like it, I don’t dislike you.  I want to sit and give you a cuddle and say, “it’ll be ok. we’ll get you another dawg, and we can always goes shoot Cleafus for takin’ your missus.” But there will NEVER be any judgement from me. I promise.

Please take a moment to revisit your ability to judge and not honour and cherish people for their individual journeys.  It’s a human trait – if you are someone capable of judgement, it’s time for you to turn off the CD player, take a walk to the mirror and go “why am I judging that situation?”, it will all come back to you. Not the situation you are judging, not the sauwng playin’ on the radio, and not the google analytics saying  4 people from Creole stopped by to see what you were on about this week.

So I wish you a brilliant weekend with a very big YEHAR GRANMAW, and a smile as I raise my glass to you for taking the time to read my Friday night missive.