Because it’s a wee bit chilly, South East Queensland Chilly out today, I am sitting in my office flittering about facebook and saw a post that Krishna Everson from Healthy Marketing posted in the Queensland Blogging Group I belong to.

One line said “Try really hard not to suck”.

So I got out the notepad and made myself a note:

Inspirational new blog post coming straight up!

Sucking is a personal perspective.  

When I’m driving in my car and my favourite tune comes on and I sing it at the top of my voice, I clearly am of the opinion that my voice does not suck. Matter of fact, I am wondering why I haven’t sent the Record Company a demo of my singing along to be included in the next album as a back up singer because I sound so awesome.  Especially that raspy sound I can achieve when pushed to hold a note for more than 4 seconds….

There’s a lot to be said for what REALLY loud music hides and how it lifts one’s self esteem. I would recommend it on a regular basis.

I think I’m a pretty good cook, and with Winter here I’ve been getting down and dirty with a collection of uber cool vegetables and making soups that will make you stop in your tracks at the first mouth full….

Well, this is what’s happening with my son’s and they have been consistent in pointing out how much I suck at cooking dinner lately. Thankfully Husband and I enjoy them.

I recently decided to stand up for myself because as a friend I don’t think I suck, but when someone else’s brain is involved and all the story that comes with it, that can identify you as a suck-er in that person’s brain, and then when they are a blamer, they will set about making you see how much you suck without taking any responsibility for their own sucking in the process. In the end their belief was that I sucked, and no amount of me pointing out that I in fact didn’t sucked and showed them where I had the proof, it didn’t matter. In their mind it was a done deal. 

Could I change it? Nope. 

What to do …. move on.

While sucking is a very personal perspective, it is my firm belief if you set out on your daily life with the mindset of “try really hard not to suck”, then you are on a winner.

The key principles of trying really hard not to suck are that you are able to:
  • self-assess regularly
  • that you are able to recognise your own limiting self beliefs
  • that those limiting self beliefs are yours and yours alone
  • that it is against the try really hard to not suck rules for you to foist those limiting self beliefs onto another
  • that you speak with honesty, clarity and integrity
  • that you be good with making sure you feel good about something in your heart and then act on it
  • that you keep calm and carry on in any situation
The End.