Longest day of the year, longest era of human kind (need to Wikipedia that one), but the day is finally here.  Us Antipodeans got to deal with it first and that’s kudos from the Universe that we were up for the challenge.

This last couple of years have been huge on the ‘just get through it’, ‘don’t give up’, ‘follow your path’, ‘here have a couple of arseholes to deal with while you weren’t listening to us warn you about them’, you know what I’m talking about right?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is done. 

December 22, 2012 is the dawning of a new era.  You will be able to handle things with much more ease, life will not seem to be such a test or trial and good things that you didn’t notice before will stand out like a piece of herb stuck in someone’s front teeth while they are giving the speech of their life.

Here’s cheers to the next 26,000 odd years and thank you for being in my life.