Everybody in my communication circles, facebook community and friends know that I listen to dead people.  Someone found my blog once by typing “Amanda Foy Dead People” in Google. Let’s hope there’s no enforcement agency keeping a track on that.

So when I declared that I was going to fully focus on my Remote Reiki and the information I am given when someone comes to me for a Reiki, I’ve been binging off the ceiling with what are called DOWNLOADS.  That’s when your dead people give you pictures and or information.

Anyway, a few days ago a facebook friend asked me if I would ask their dead people a question.  Only because this person has been a super huge supporter of mine I said I would have a go… and I did… and what did I do? 

I freaked out. I asked the dead person to give me some information and it downloaded so quick and fast, but my fear-filled human got in the way and I instantly went into – argh…what if I’m wrong? 

So I stopped the flow took a breath and asked them to tell me in another way to ease me into it.

Away we went and away I typed and when I stopped you had to scroll 3 times to see how much I’d written; it felt like 30 seconds.

Naturally I don’t remember what I wrote, but it helped my friend no end and they said thank you.

DOWNLOAD FROM MY DEAD PEOPLE – “Experiment, ask them if they will let you describe us to them.”

Just so happened my friend was still there and I asked and they said yes to calling in the dead people and then I started to describe.

Dead Person #1 Correct!
Dead Person #2 Correct!
Dead Person #3 Correct!
Dead Person #4 Correct!
Dead Person #5 Happened to be a huge angel. Thanks for showing up!

So… fear ensued and I told my friend not to tell anyone, because I hadn’t done it before… I actually had when I worked with Deb Webber on developing my gift and I was right but I have not done it since, only because no one had ever asked me…. and my friend’s first post the next day was along the lines of “if you have a gift it is your job to share it and feel the fear and do it anyway” – one of my all time favourite quotes.

Today, I categorically announce I am coming out of the dead people closet and I no longer only listen to them, I speak to them and see them when someone wants to know who they are or what they look like. Who’d have thought it all just came down to allowance by asking?

Like what I went through with my reiki when I first started, I had mild panic everytime I gave someone their report thinking “holy crap I hope I’m right”. 

I had to be, it wasn’t my information – I couldn’t make that shit up if I tried, I’m not that imaginative or can string things together like the dead people do.  

You see they are perfect, which means clever and I’m just the lucky one that gets to translate that into something someone can read, resonate with and heal from.

The Universe loves speed…and I love the Universe!

My first real life outing will be at the Silkstone State School Spring Fair on the 27th of October, 2012.  Come along and make a booking and let’s see what your dead people look like or what they have to tell you.

If you can’t wait and you want some information, just email me at reiki@foysters.com.au