Colorado has been hit with some pretty severe flooding this last two days. The most impressive thing I have come across here in my visit is the amount of communication available to the public when there are dangerous situations. The radio stations stop the music and put a noise on that makes everyone else stop and listen.  Then today as I was checking my mobile, I got a notification via Google that flooding was occurring in the region and to get to higher ground.  I am not even a local. Extraordinary.

Today was a day for Juli and to have some girl time together.  It’s been the longest time since she has put her self first with a little bit of pampering so we went and had a manicure and pedicure today.

Please note that there is no difference in nail and beauty places in the US and in Australia. The same product, the same medical grade equipment, same nail polish, everything. It was lovely!!

So far this trip, I have been the one to have a major breakthrough. Today was Juli’s turn. There is no secret that Juli had a very challenging childhood and she has healed a great deal from the experiences in her life. A set of nails brought back such collosal memories of sadness for Juli.  Juli usually has her nails done a certain way, but the lady today did them a little differently and she tried and tried to work through what was coming up for her because it was a gift from me.

We got into the car and then the tears came.  My beautiful friend was in so much memory pain and there was nothing I could do. You see, the nails were a bit pointy and Juli has hands that look like her mother’s.  Her mother’s hands were cruel to Juli. Never had her touch been loving towards Juli and now Juli was looking at her hands and everything came back.

Those of us genetically linked to family where we have challenging relationships, when we look in the mirror and are so terrified of what we are looking shining back at us, because there is a belief that when you are of someone, they are who you are too.  I know, I have had this in my own life, having looked at my family since I was 16 wondering how the hell I was related and only knew I was because of the genetic attributes that were easy to join the dots.

Today, will be the day we get Juli through this trigger.  Even she said through her tears that today must be the day for it to go.

Our connections to those we are from can be defining or you can do the work and release the links that no longer serve you.  You can do the work to make sure that you are free of their story and whatever they did to you as part of their pain and their story.  There is nothing in their story that needs to be your story.

Those hurtful words a parent or grown up says to you that you are just like so and so and how mean and nasty that sounds to the person standing in front of them wishing with every core of their being that that wasn’t true. There is a belief that we are given that because it comes from parents or other relatives, that it must be truth.

Let me tell you that it’s the biggest load of shit you are ever likely to be told.

Your goal is to find the gift in the person in your life that you do not want to be like.  Find the gift and hold onto it and release everything else – cut the threads, or in Juli’s case the giant oak tree that appeared when she looked down at her hands and had every nasty, mean memory come flooding back about the woman attached the hands that she thought she was looking at.

The Reiki will help.  We will do the work tonight and get the energy flowing back to where it came from and release her from her pain.

In other news, I introduced my favourite US family to ANZAC biscuits today.  20 on a tray were reduced to 4 in 30 minutes. They didn’t taste too bad. Had to substitute the golden syrup and the brown sugar, but everything else was ok.

Tomorrow is another big day for me. I will be meeting in real life another pivotal person in my life. A friend I made when I lived in the UK in 1997. The person who pulled me out of the funk that was my life when I had to run away from Australia, from my family and my failed marriage and helped me drop the victim and step into gratitude. Tomorrow is the first time in 16 years that I will be able to give him a hug and he will be able to feel how grateful I am that he came into my life through our mutual friend Mike.

Flooding, nails, breakthroughs, pivotal people  – this Goddess is on purpose.

Much love
Goddess of the Imperative