Today I got “filthy noted”.  What is a filthy note you might ask…. this is a filthy note.

Please note the address is wrong that’s why it took 4 days to get to me from Sherwood.

That’s all that was in the envelope.  A very neatly folded typed white piece of A4 paper with STOP WRITING FILTHY NOTES on it.

Kudos to me, my stomach didn’t lurch when I opened it because to the core of my soul I have not written filthy notes.  Especially not as Foyster’s Communications or Ipswich Events Services (note, another error).

So I popped this photo on my facebook page with Oowar…look what I got today…. and once again my facebook connections really are awesome 33 comments … none however going “ha ha gottcha”.

A friend googled “stop writing filthy notes”… that’s how he roles, he was Inspector Gadget Special Investigator in a previous life… go go gadget brain power… 

Anyway back to what he found… a WordPress Blog named the same with a connecting Twitter Feed and Facebook Page.  It appears it might be a female who likes to take photos of blurry penises. 

Maybe my other friend Sally is right….maybe I am doing a good job with walking my talk because it has people thinking; thinking enough to invest in a stamp, an envelope, ink, power to print, power to run the computer, power and download charges for trying to find my address, petrol (assuming) to get to the post office, energy to peel the stamp from the backing and stick it onto the envelope, brain power at either purposefully getting the Ipswich Events part wrong, or not knowing the difference, and the Pièce de résistance the negative, dis-ease producing, karmic debt intent with which it was sent.

Sucks to be you sender.
I’m liking my internal fortitude with this.  Once upon a time I would have been completely consumed with who did it, why they did it and what could I have possibly done to deserve it.  Not today!

Today I had an awesome day.  I got so much work done, had two great meetings, got my business tax done and submitted, invoice two new exhibitors for the Home Show. Saw a great colleague and friend.  Had a visit from another wonderful friend who bought me the most beautiful crystal cluster I’ve ever seen, because she thought I’d like it.  So many other positives from today that I won’t bore you.

So sender: fail. sucks to be you.  

The positive though.  You kept someone at Australia Post in a job for a few extra days while they tried to work out the post box to put the letter in.

One might think that this has bothered me.  Enough to post it on a few of my social media platforms.  Read my blog… it’s FILTHY… I write stuff to get it out my head. 

This is the second practical joke within two weeks.  

The first being a sticker and a false meeting called to place the sticker, taking advantage of my passion in getting something significant off the ground.  

I guess if I’m honest, I’m a bit disappointed that human’s can be such low vibrating beings sometimes…. so I think it’s time for me to go and read my “People Suck Philosophy” blog and get over it.

Can you do me a favour… can you get this and share it and get it to go viral so that the person who did this can know that so many people are now aware of the level at which they are vibrating and send it all back to them.  Won’t come via Australia Post, but it will come back via the Energy Highway, and that’s so much faster, more efficient and it NEVER get’s lost.  

It always goes to it’s rightful owner.