Last year when the talk was up about Andrew Johns becoming the next immortal in the NRL circle of our sporting world, I made it clear to my very devout rugby league husband, that if he was to be given the accolade, I would never spend another cent on going to a game or buying club merchandise or memorabilia.

My dad was a Queensland School Boy, so we grew up watching it.  My favourite person throughout my entire school life was Adrian Lam, who went onto be a significant part of the Rugby League history in this country. You do know he was such a fast runner because he spent 11 years trying to run away from me. #Garfsnort

So today I stand up and some how feel completely vindicated and awesome that I made the decision to pull the pin on the sport. 

Let me get this out early “that’s what you get for brushing drug use into the ‘oh, but he was such a good football player’ basket.  

It has been so difficult for me to get through to my husband how completely wrong, inappropriate, sending the worst message and lame, it was for a group of men to give a person who admitted to using ILLEGAL drugs throughout his league career such a significant position in a sporting history.

Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t deserve to have his whole life affected and ruined and not be able to do what he is for his beloved game, but the decision makers in that sport made a grave mistake “pedestal-ling” a drug addict.

Yeah, yeah, I know the argument that his drug use wasn’t performancing enhancing; a drug is a drug is a drug. Illegal, is illegal no matter which way you swallow it.

If you make decisions, like the NRL continually does, because some bloke brings in the dollars, brings in the fans, helps win games, gets a team to the Grand Final, wins international status, to overlook and forgive REPEATEDLY, then you get what you ask for.  

This mindset of win at all costs, which I might add, means that some kid that’s clean as misses out on a spot because the idiots making the decisions can’t see passed the one that’s done so much BEFORE, means that greed is ripe in Australian Sports.

Greed is the greatest curse in our modern day – with anything and look: it comes to no good.

I’ve long said that that code needs a woman from Queensland running it and today more than ever I say it really really loud.

So I’ll repeat, you reap what you sow NRL.  Cannot wait to see who the drug cheats and the match fixers are and to see what the code does to say an unequivocal no to drugs, of any kind, in sport.

Let me repeat because today I feel like gloating: “that’s what you get for brushing drug use into the ‘oh, but he was such a good football player’ basket.