Yes, this week has summed it up for me.  I have made the decision that I have given up work.


What a difference a week makes right?

I wake up excited about the new day, I have clarity, I have purpose, I have little wins popping up all over the place, I have ideas, I have amazing people around me, I am living my passion and the biggest thing that has left the building… the struggle.

A few weeks ago, as I was doing a heal the healer session with my beautiful Goddess co-hort in the USA, we both had an AHA moment at the same time.

Struggle = Drama

We both wanted to cry, we both wanted to end the call so we could sit in our big puddle of OMG, and we did.  As always though, it was gone for all money by the next morning.

A defining day in my life.  We HATE drama, so when we realised the struggle energy around us in various parts of our lives, it was like the opportunity to switch the lights off and shut the door for the last time.

Both of us have had amazing outcomes since.

Today is Thursday and I realised yesterday night as I was floating into my bed at the realisation of how happy I was, that I’ve finally given up work.

I am now living my passion and purpose and when you do that, you never feel like you are working a day in your life.

The feedback and testimonials and WoM are still coming.  The faith and trust in how I can help someone with my Reiki and the coaching programs I offer on my own and with Juli is still showing up in the most amazing ways.

Ways, that if you wrestle something back from the Universe you won’t ever see it.  Every day I get a new surprise and every day I have just felt more on purpose than ever before.

It’s hard to explain how when you get to a place of ‘what will be will be’ after you have set your intentions and cleared out all the gunk in your little cache of limiting self-belief, that is just falls into place.  I’m seeing it every day and the hugs, and the emails and the thank yous and the questions and the brighter faces and the ‘you have changed something’ comments.  My heart is full to bursting.

Every time I see it, I just say either out aloud or in my heart “Thank you, more please!”

I’m sharing this with you, because it is honestly my greatest desire to support any reader of this blog through their gunk to come out the other side.  The best part of what I do is I’m just a facilitator.  The people that come into my life want the change, and they just don’t know how, but after a small amount of time it shows up like a red spot on a white shirt.

You are entitled to have this clarity in your life.  As adults with all that we have experienced and all the social protocols with tucking stuff away, it’s a hard gig to get your clarity.

I am here to tell you that it’s possible and it’s not hard.  Yes, there might be tears, but by God, they are good tears.

Thanks for reading.