It is highly likely that you would be unaware that I am of Aboriginal decent.  

An avid history buff, lover of genetics and eldest of my generation I took it upon myself to get the family history together. Trying to get the stories to fit some years ago, opened up the proverbial can of worms that delving into pasts do, and I discovered that my father’s side of the family tree had a historically significant lie grafted into a new genus that was brought into the truth sphere albeit three generations after the lie was told.

Anyway, also in my family tree I have English, Irish, Norwegian, French and Chinese.  So much history and all aspects of why I just describe myself as Australian.

I am the epitome of what it means to be Australian…all of me…not just parts of me.
All of me. 

Just before Australia Day I read a blog making a statement of what Australia Day meant to a lady with whom I grew up in the same neighbourhood. I never knew her family where Aboriginal until my Dad went to Uni and the eldest child was a lecturer in Aboriginal studies.

This got my ranty pants out of the cupboard.

Then with Anthony Mundine and his fight with Daniel Geale and how race was brought into the limelight again; well, that got the ranty pants ready to be put on.  Just to be clear here on Anthony Mundine; a dickhead is a dickhead no matter which way you turn it; Aboriginality does not factor into his equation. Ever. 

Like they say though, don’t write anything when you are angry. Ha! 

I’m about to ask a question that I want you to know that this is a serious question and I seriously want some serious discussion about this to fully understand why this seems to happen.

Q.1. Why do people with a genetic pool of various races, hold onto one and forget all the rest?

Next questions:

Q.2 If your father is Aboriginal and your mother is non-Aboriginal or white Australian; do you foist your hatred towards the flag and what you believe Australia Day symbolises towards your mother or grandmother because she is of English or European Heritage?

Q.3. Is it her fault that Aboriginal people suffered horrendously for generations?

Q.4. What is it going to take to move on from passed wrongs and make them right?  I alluded to this in my blog on Australia Day.

To conclude, I am not up for an argument, I want to hear from anyone that has chosen the path of hanging onto one part of your family tree and clinging to it for all it’s worth while ignoring the rest of your genetic make-up.  

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