I asked and he said yes.

Now, isn’t that profound?! I know…

I spent a full day yesterday at the Brisbane Convention Centre listening to Dr John Demartini and Benjamin Harvey help people step into their power by becoming difference makers.

Do you know how cool it felt to be a room with 300 other people wanting to find the key to stepping into their dreams of being a difference maker.

That level of passion in a closed space makes for one very ‘binging’ off the ceiling Manda….let me tell you.

To have our lunch date turn out the way it did, you can not put it down to anything other than the Universe lining that up.  

I was to meet a friend, and told a couple of other’s that she was coming to have lunch with us. I didn’t think to turn my phone on to say, ‘where are you’, I’m good at scanning, I can find people in crowds quickly.  Not today.

My friend Lyndall and I ended up walking out the building looking for the friend we were meeting for lunch and she wasn’t to be seen, so we decided to keep walking to find somewhere to eat when we came across the CBD Bar. In we go and there he was, on his own at a table with a bottle of water.

So I asked him if he would mind if we joined him to which he said no, then I asked another three unnecessary nervous question to which he pretty much answered the same thing each time…. this sort of thing would happen to him daily … he knew which planet I’d just landed from. 

And there we sat for 40 minutes shooting the breeze.  

You see, Dr John was an unknown for me.  I’d seen him on things, but never stop to listen or had the opportunity to read anything about him or where he is coming from.  I just went because another friend posted a photo with him a while ago and said what a great day she’d had.  I trust her.  She does not follow people for no reason.  I had no expectation other than, ooo, he’s on his own, surely he wouldn’t eat in a public place, being so famous, if he wasn’t up to having people DESTROY his sanctuary.  I was right.  He was great and Lyndall and I walked away going “how did that just happen”.

No pedestal though.  

The man walks his talk, he is just the same as us.  He just has a bit more money and a greater likelihood to fill an auditorium than either Lyndall and I could on that very day… watch this space on that one though… just sayin.

You would think that the highlight of my day would be that I got to have lunch with a multi-millionnaire who really could be described as a living God with the tools he provides people to recognise who they really are and what they are capable of.  


The highlight of my day was this:

I wrote down at the beginning of the day what my measure of success was at that very moment:

“Having people come to me saying my life is completely different. I am a different person. I love my life…” as a result of anything that I might have provided, done or said in any of my communications or expertise.

What happened?  At one of the breaks, one of the ladies I know who was there came and showed me her note book where she wrote down who her mentors were, and who was there? Me.

Can I tell you it was all I could do not to burst into tears on the spot. 

Then I found out another friend had written me down as well.  More watery eyes and lumps in my throat. 

When you live your purpose.  When you get REALLY clear on who you are and where you want to go with that, these things show up. 

Everyone is the same.  No one is better than the next person.  We need different people, opinions and situations to help keep the world going around and when we are trying to find our way, it’s nice to have people in our life that we can say “when I grow up, I want to be just like them.”

I have full and total conviction in what I am good at and what my purpose on this planet is.  Am I going to save the world? 


Am I going to keep walking my talk on my own journey of self discovery as I continue to live in my happy place. 


Is that going to help inspire people to know they can do it too?

I hope so.