So for a good while I was the admin on a very successful business group in Queensland started by a colleague and then friend.  It was my role to ensure that people in the group followed the rules.

As with the magic of why we are all human, it takes all people to make the world go around.  We need all kinds of people or the world would flat line.

Something that has happened of late is me calling people on their method of communication. You see, there’s a couple of bullies in the 2000+ group and what has happened in the past is that they have gotten all bully on people who contribute well and effectively and those people have left because the bully won.  What they do is immediately go to, YOU misunderstood what I was trying to say. 

Enter BLAMER 101.

Anyway, I happened to scroll through the group today, and one bully who’d been removed twice and was given a third go had left a comment along the lines of comment earlier…. you have misunderstood what I said.  None of the comments following pointed out that he was blaming all the readers for their lack of comprehension skills.  This person has a history of offensive poor delivery.

So, as I’ve found myself doing often recently, I pointed out that he should not blame others for his lack of communication skills. Same thing happened as last time, he blocked me, left the group and complained to the owner of the group. But this time, he stepped it up a notch: see photo attached.

This chap is quite the electronic aficionado and has all manner of online businesses and abilities with computers, so when I got a warning not long after this text message that my system was running very slow with a code I’d never seen I quickly shut everything down.  Sigh.

And yes, please rest assured I have not missed the irony of the message and the context with which it was sent. #garfsnort

My biggest why in this part of my life is why people put up with bad behaviour from others. Why is it ok for someone to come and spew at someone that was unprovoked and everyone stands back and either looks the other way or says nothing?  OR WORSE as soon as you take them to task, they go all victim on you like it’s your fault?

This is epidemic in our society today.
Bullies, especially ones that hide behind technology are gutless and sad.  

I have no idea what has switched in me to meet people’s bad behaviour with the same tone, but people… please don’t let other’s walk over you. Please don’t buy into their bullshit. Go read some books on human behaviours and call them on it.  

Yes, pick your battles because you don’t want to attract a whole pile of manure in your life.

So Mr Cyberbully – if you happen passed this blog by any chance… see photo attached.