Today I am living my truth and merging two different parts of my life into one. For those of you who have been following this blog, I would like to introduce you to the other hat that I wear. That is the hat of a Reiki Practitioner and Lightworker. This hat, for me, is a hat that deserves to be made public under the banner of my business Foyster’s.

Foyster’s is a Communications and Events agency and my philosophy with this business is from my spiritual, belief system and that is “As within, so without” Hermes…..

I run my agency with the same philosophy as I live my life.

So, for everyone who has been reading the business tips and enjoying the humour but poignant messages, I can speak to dead people…forthwith to be known as the “DP”‘s….I can see what’s going on in people’s chakras when I do Reiki’s and I write a report. I have strong connections with Archangels who help me with any Reiki’s that show that threads, entities or healings need to occur. I live in trust that everything my Universe provides me is for my highest good. I have a fantastic network of other Reiki practitioners and Masters and lightworkers all over the world that are helping me grow and understand more and more each day.

I live my whole life in complete gratitude for everything I have and am. I am basically one happy camper and hope that my blog will help you in many ways. I will always try and include humour; life is heavy enough and we need to sometimes take a lighter view of things to ease our soul….so if you are interested, I’ll post the four blogs I wrote on the other one under this one, and hope that you stay with me. If you have any questions or comments, I will gladly receive them.

If you are interested in Reiki, Lightwork or Spirituality, then I recommend you jump onto Remote Reiki the Group on facebook and connect with some people there – the wealth of information and knowledge is immeasurable. If not, stick with me on the Foyster’s gig, that’s not going to change!

I will be forever grateful for the time you have taken to read this.
Amanda x


It’s the very best place to start….

Many years ago I began my journey of self awareness and awareness of the universe through my own inner dialogue, knowing that all that had been given to me as a child needed to have another side to the story. I have to say I was very blessed to have been given a grandmother who was open minded, non-judgemental and very realistic in her views in many cases and ways. I come from a very strong line of women and am grateful for that. I am genetically pre-disposed to not follow the flock because that’s what everyone else does, another thing for which I am grateful. My greatest acknowledgement in my adult life is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions without judgement. It is for me, the natural order; our natural state of being, to be one with our thoughts and desires without concern about what other’s might think.

The peace I have received from this inner-dialogue has been profound. Through reading, networking and participating in interactive groups with light workers, this has shifted some major blocks for me over the last six years. I encourage everyone searching for inner peace to take a step in the same direction.

With blessings, love and light


Ok, day two into my Reiki blog. About five years ago I had the concept of Reiki introduced to me and the woman that introduced me was a Reiki Master of about 10 years and she told me what she could see (or hear) in my chakras. She pulled out stuff that I had not uttered to a soul, ever.

So began my road of healing, removing guilt from my life, and the reading. The reading has been prolific and the growth and knowledge brilliant! Just under a couple of years ago I decided to take the step to study Reiki and see if I too would be able to see things in people’s energy and discuss it with them.

My attunement was amazing. The room was filled with guides and souls and my family to help me take the next step in my journey. The Tibetan bell would not sound the room was so full. As everything progressed I hoped and prayed that I was making the right decision. It’s a big responsibility I kept telling myself. I have set myself on a path that there is no turning back.

All I can say is that the most amazing people have come into my life. I am not frightened to talk to ANYONE about what I do and what my abilities are. This last month has been validation to me that the Universe loves me and I am on a path that is in it’s perfect order. I am now surrounded by like minded people who will allow me to discuss my gifts in a non-judgemental environment and I can work and learn and do my small bit by providing Reiki whenever it is requested.

I saw my first angel last week, it wasn’t in a Reiki, just a general healing when I tuned into someone who was talking to me about an experience the night before. Her response to the healing was almost immediate.

I was given a great affirmation to say when I do any work now and I’d recommend it to anyone:

“In God’s light, I request that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs and destructive cellular memories and all resulting physical issues related to….be found, opend and healed. I also ask the effectiveness of this healing be increased 100 times or more.”

Would love to understand how other people feel or what they see when they are working as light workers and Reiki practitioners.


I have another blog that I write as well called “But Why“, I originally started it with “My horse died, and I had to get a new one.” Which is a long story, but if you fancy reading my other blog, then you’ll find out why and then changed it to the new title.

Essentially, I like to write things that hopefully will make people laugh, but also with poignant messages. When I started my new direction in life with the Reiki attunement and receiving messages etc, I joked with the woman who taught me that she could speak to dead people, so when we used to communicate we called ourselves DPI – Dead People Incorporated. We both got validation from our ‘dead people’ that we weren’t disrespecting them by making this an “in joke”, and we both received messages and validation that they too have a sense of humour and were very glad of our light hearted approach.

Being a light worker can bring a heavy load, and the best thing about Reiki is that you are really just a vessel, and the energy travels through, so even though you might have some heavy going energy work to do, and as with me and the messages, some of the reports I write are pretty full on, but once the energy treatment is finished it stops. I still have to protect myself, but I’ve not had any adverse consequences.

So…back to the humour part of this post. Since the time where I went out on my own and started my Reiki practice, I’ve had two situations that stand out for me that I have to now look back at and laugh at. Being human sometimes can be the best thing!

I was doing a reiki on a relatives child, and as I got to his solar plexus there was an entity there that had to be removed. So I called in the Archangels to help me, and at that time, I was only able to visualise their hands. So in they came, and the child kept moving out of my line of view (in my minds eye) and I thought, why are you moving? They said to me that I had to bring in Jesus. Well, this was the first time that that had happened, so I had the nano-second thought process start and I said, “oh ok, well he was a real man, that’s ok.” So I asked him to come in, and again I could only see his hands and they were on the childs head and feet to hold him in place. “Cool, Jesus is here, I thought…I know Jesus!” The child kept moving and they all said, it’s time for God. To which my reply was “God! Are you kidding me, He won’t come….Will He?” “YES…ask him to come.” So I did, I’m not going to argue and you’ll never guess, the colour went and everything was pure white. I remember thinking, “Holy smokes, he’s here! OMG it’s God. Should I ask him for his autograph??….FOCUS Amanda…I say to myself. And I did, and we got the entity gone.

I can only imagine what our Angels think of us when we have human moments, I guess it could make a really good sit com if we could guarantee that everyone would see the humour in it and not be mortified by making fun of healings. It was the same the other day when I saw my first angel. To be in their presence is truly a blessing, and like my friend Juli DuBois said to me when I shared the experience with her, I’ll never forget the first time I saw one. So I look forward to sharing more times with Angels!!

I truly take my gift, my role as a Light Worker and Reiki practitioner seriously, but I am also someone that is eternally attracted to laughter and humour.

I hope to have made you laugh or at the very least smiled.

Blessings to you.


Being True to Your Learning

I put a post up on facebook today about having the ability to recognise when someone is verbally attacking you or responding to you in a negative way that it is more about their journey and path in life than anything to do with the actual dialogue happening.

With lots of practice, I am pleased to say that I am now at a point where I don’t take onboard other people’s stuff. It’s a good opportunity to take a look at how you respond to things. Do you have that fight or flight mechanism ingrained in your DNA? As many will already know there are two responses to anything – LOVE and FEAR. So next time you stop and are reacting adversely to some situation, ask yourself what are you fearing?

I reacted from a LOVE perspective today when I had someone start to send negativity my way, I let it go on for a while and then I put a stop to it by walking away. I had nothing to say or need to say to justify or defend my choices or position, but I did have enough love of self to know that I no longer wanted to be a part of the conversation.

This is where I am learning that it’s ok to be angry or disgruntled, but the difference is to not let it consume you. I was quite ruffled when I walked away, but I went to something that I wanted to do, that was in relative solitude that made me feel nice about my day again.

Coated in spiritual teflon you see!

You will be glad to know that Spiritual Teflon is available world wide, it’s free, and you only have to ask and you’ll be coated in it. The only thing you have to do is accept it’s there, be grateful for it being there and never take it for granted.

Pleasant happy blessings to everyone for a lovely weekend.
Amanda x

The End – thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the posts. x