Ok, so a couple of my posts on Foyster’s of late have been about struggle and control and how to put a positive spin on it or at least put it into perspective.

Today’s blog is all about how to live in acceptance of growth.

Every part of your day means growth, every hour of your life means growth.

The man next door who is completely oblivious to the fact that his frosted glass windows in front of his toilet offers him no privacy whatsoever and you being lucky enough to have peripheral vision get to see him sit down, do all the things that happen when a man sits down on the toilet and then get up to inspect the consequences of his dinner and overconsumption of alcohol the night before (you heard it when he wife was screaming at him to stop), means growth.

How in the fahoozits does that equal growth I hear you ask? Well, next time you see a virtual stranger sit down to do a poo, you are hardly going to be embarrassed are you? You see it every morning when you are washing up the breakfast dishes don’t you? No matter how many times you try and wave and get his attention it doesn’t work, so you learn patience and acceptance that everytime you are at the sink to wash up, you are going to be watching someone excrete. Either that, or you buy yourself some timber venetian blinds and shut them everytime someone excretes…which means you have grown into a problem solver and an interior designer.

All of that because you are profoundly frightened of the man who happens to be a biker (and with all of the preconceptions that come with someone being a biker) behaving in his myopic bubble of self-consumption. You have grown further by feeling smart in your problem solving skin because actually speaking to him about it might mean you no longer have hands to wash the dishes with… your chest expands with pride at how clever you are at avoiding sure disaster!

Can you see my point? No matter what you get thrown at you, good and bad, you are growing. If you don’t have the bad with the good, you flat line – and you know what that means….you are dead or you are sitting in some dementia ward in a perpetual state of confusion so there is never any good, it’s all bad. Please add note to self here – there is always someone a lot worse off than you.

There’s lots of change going on around us all the time. For some, life might seem like one struggle after another, but as I repeat…often….you are never given more than you can handle and struggle means growth. Just sit and visualise what it feels like when you acknowledge that life is a bit of a struggle, you change your mindset to put a positive spin on that struggle with say for example, money issues. You thank the struggle for helping you to grow, showing you day in day out that you make it through, and that that acceptance of struggle has allowed you to become a money magnet…watch what happens.

Here’s an exercise for you if you are struggling to get out of a funk. Type out everything that you hate in your life. I hate being poor, I hate my work mates, I hate my boss, I hate my car, I hate my house etc etc. Then copy and paste that to a new page, and everywhere you put the word hate, replace it with a smiley face….read it again. Tune into your body and feel the change in energy shift. It works. You’ve just lifted your vibration. Print that new sheet out and put it on anything and everything you can see – get it in your mindset to change….it’s all growth. If you love everything you hate and really mean it, it will change to what you want it to be, or at the very least, it won’t bother you anymore, so it stops being a focus for you.

Reading this blog and sharing it with others also means growth. I’d love your feedback on anything that you may have received from these concepts – let me know!