A woman and her two young sons are travelling home on a dark cold winter’s night when all of a sudden the car they are travelling in loses all power on a narrow stretch of major highway road works with what appears to be no where to pull the car to the side of the road safely.  There are large trucks flying by.
She quietly asks the car to keep going, keep going, keep going, urging it to use the last bit of speed to get to the point of the hill.  Thankfully at the point of the hill, there was a space to pull over when the children start asking what is wrong. 
She keeps calm and says the car is broken, we’ll ring dad, only to find that the mobile phone battery is empty.  She has a laptop, tries to find some free WiFi to get online and ask someone to call her husband.  Nothing.
The cars and trucks going by are going too fast for them to stay in the car safely.  So they all pile out, sticking as close as possible to the concrete wall with her looking out for a police car or something.
Everything sounds like a nightmare coming true right?

Well, this was me last night with my children and I even had a thought…albeit for a nanosecond…that this is how people go missing and are never seen again, but I quickly snapped out of it when my youngest decided he needed to do a poo, and it had to be now.

So…you think being stuck on a motorway with a dead car, dead mobile phone is tragic, throw a small child needing to poo into the mix and see how you go with that.

This is where the gratitude button kicked in and everything started to change from the horror to the “we’ll be right”.  All I did was thank the car for using that last bit of speed to get to the point of the hill, and then instantly being eternally grateful for somewhere that was safer than the other option of where we lost power.

We walked back to the end of the concrete girder where the motorway upgrade was going on in darkness and silence on the other side of the metal fence….what did I see when I was wondering if I would have to use my child’s shirt to wipe….but a porta-loo.  It’s a work site, then workers need somewhere to excrete.  Thank GOD!  “Please be clean and have toilet paper and most of all, please be unlocked.” 

Three from three! WINNERS!

So here we are in the middle of a work site that had no one there with child two pooing and all is well. 

I look up to wonder where we are and recognise the street.  It’s the street my husband grew up in and where his mum lived until 6 years ago – I knew it well – there’s family friends in that street, I’ll ask them for help.

So, when the excreting finished off we went to the other security fence to try and see if we could get through, one panel…..let me repeat….one panel wasn’t secured like the others, so I used my now confident Goddess strength to lift it out of the concrete gripping bit and we could get through.  Children are now playing games and bickering about who goes first….WINNERS!

We get to the house with the lights on, missed by one, family friends next door, but not home, so this lady helped instead….everything from that point was smooth sailing with husband coming to save the day.

GRATITUDE my friends, for the smallest things, changes the energy.  I could quite easily have gone into panic, freaked my kids out, made matters worse.

Clear head, trust in myself, trust in the Universe, and knowing that every problem has a solution helped everything be cool….and most of all….thank god for my sense of humour.  My kids didn’t get it when I said it’s not every day you get to poo in a potty on the side of a major highway with the door wide open.  It even flushed….