So this is where I am at in my life, and I fully 100% recommend you jump on board….

The other day, I needed to leave the house to be in time for an appointment.  I couldn’t find my keys.  They weren’t in the pocket in my handbag (which incidentally, handbags are an invention of some evil underworld women hating bipod) and I looked everywhere else.  Five minutes later I said to myself, no they have to be in my handbag, and I went back to it and bugger me if the keys weren’t in the pocket where I’d put them.  

Note:  No one else was in the house at the time, so no one was playing tricks, unless they were my ‘dead people’ who love me the most of everything, and if you let them, they will help and protect you through your life.

So, I was now going to be 2 minutes late for said appointment, but this is where you need to have the info sink in….

I went into gratitude, because where ever I WASN’T meant to be in those five minutes, saw something pass that was NOT for my highest and greatest good. 

Was I cranky about being 2 minutes late….NOPE.

Live in trust that everything happens for a reason and don’t allow yourself the luxury of “poor me”, “why me?”, “now I’m going to have a crap day” mindsets. 

They are for misery guts folk who love living in their misery guts life with misery guts outcomes.

Happy Monday everyone!