After 16 days in the US and only encountering rude people in cars, there’s been a heap today.  Must be the moon or something. HAHA.

Well, today has been the weirdest experience.  Where to fit into a box feeling so happy to be going home to see my lovey and boys and yet feeling so completely distraught that I am flying away from the best friends a person could hope for.

Relationships were solidified with BB and Larry over the last couple of days.  The woman who helps broken men heal and her husband who adores her and is completely ready for his wife to take centre stage.

We know what we want to do with the Goddess Imperative.  We know what we want to do with the retreat in May.

I know, like I know, that going along the runway watching the terminal building disappear was truly horrible. I love Juli. We are great in real life and in electronic life. Real life is so much better. I am sure as I get closer to the coast of Australia the feeling of sadness will be overtaken by the feeling of elation at seeing the boys and knowing we are getting a puppy on Sunday. A new little person to add to the Fabulous Foysome.

I know the calibre of person I am meant to have in my life now. The people who love you no matter what, who feel safe enough to ask for help to heal, to want great things for you, to be able to slip into a new group of people like you have been there forever…. except for the driving. I still don’t want to drive.

BB said it today at the airport, she feels like she’s known me forever.  I have felt like that about BB since I met her on our radio show. We have to get her to Australia somehow.  The Manda, Juli and BB Show – everyone is taught how to snort when they laugh.

The 16 days went too fast. The time between now and Juli coming to Australia in February better hurry up. We got some stuff to get sorted.

What do I appreciate about Australia more after having my first big trip in 15 years:

  1. We drive on the correct side of the road.
  2. We have speed limits of 110km. 
  3. Australian drivers really do follow the rules of no texting and driving.
  4. Our fruit, veges and meat has the most awesome flavour.
  5. I can understand outr labels and shopping isles.
  6. I do not have to worry about my children getting thyroid cancer by buying fruit and veges from Woolies.
  7. Our minimum wage is reasonable.
  8. It’s going to be warm when I get home.
  9. Generally speaking Tornados are out of place where I live.
  10. That there is plenty of room for Juli and her family to emigrate in 2014.

In other news, Coronas and lime taste the same as they do in Australia and I decided to wear green trousers to help get into the radiation isn’t a problem frame of mind.  Oh, and if you are travelling to the USA and you a woman whose ovaries are still fully active and not in the state of prune, bring your own feminine hygiene products because the ones here are weird.

All part of the adventure though right?

Hey Jase, geet?

I’ll sign off now to go and people watch and see how long 5 hours takes to stretch out.

Thanks America, it’s been fun, we should do this again sometime. See you on the other side of the pond.
Love always
Goddess of Imperative