One of the key elements of my spiritual development, especially since I decided to plunge myself into the self-employed ranks, has been that “my kind of” spiritual is very grounded. I have always described my self as spiritual without the hairy armpits and dreadlocks.  There was a good reason for that – fear based of course – that’s another blog.

Not that there is anything wrong with hairy armpits and dreadlocks. That’s just not my gig.

Anyway, part of the journey was coming to have a really big need to be seen to be ‘serious’ and ‘corporate’ and at the same time talking about dead people, the Universe, Source, God, hearing and seeing and being able to clear people’s emotional overwhelm out of their energy system without even touching them, being able to see them, or know them for that matter.

While this did not sound at all woo-wooy to me, because you know, I was saying this in a pair of high heels and a smart dress with straightened hair and make-up on with my Guess hand-bag sitting under my chair, to some, it was really woo-woo.

One event I was speaking at, where I get everyone to hold onto a crystal to do a little bonding exercise at the end, one lady bolted from the room because in her belief system, I was delving into devil worship territory.

So, you see, it’s all relative and personal beliefs based on what you know or have been taught. Some believe it is fantasy, and some argue that religious wars are based on fantasy as they are really just seeing who has the best imaginary friend.

Today though, I am writing this in an effort to shut the door on misconceptions that spirituality la la woo woo is fantasy and real life is well, real life.

I’m going to say out loud, many people live in fantasy every day of the week and you don’t even know it.

Fantasy is not only the world of novelists like JR Tolkien, JK Rowling, or George RR Martin, and as much as many Australian’s would like it to be, it isn’t a packet of Tim Tams sitting in the fridge that every time you take one out it grows back straight away.

Here’s what fantasy is in a real every day context:

What do you build up in your mind as truth, but it hasn’t even happened yet?

That’s fantasy.

What maybe’s and what if’s and every other life speculation are you living with in your everyday?

That’s fantasy.

What’s in your here and now?

That’s real life.

How much of your here and now life are you filling with “maybe over there” fantasy?

I would hazard a guess that if you are reading this, a bit of your every day goes to your fantasy life of maybe’s, what if’s, could have’s, should have’s, didn’t’s.

The life that sucks so much energy from your every day experience because you are consumed with the future or stuff from your past.


Do any of these sentences sound familiar?

  • “Steve will think I’m too big for my boots if I tell him I want pay rise.” 
  • “I will lose my job if I complain about the sexual harassment I have to deal with everyday.”
  • “My family will be so disappointed if I don’t make a success of my life.”
  • “My dad will never speak to me again if I tell him I don’t want to follow in his footsteps and be a mortician.”
  • “I’ll never get a partner who is totally into me because I don’t have big enough boobs.”
  • “I heard he doesn’t like kids, he’ll never like me then.”

Fantasy – you are fantasizing about all the possibilities rather than living in your every day and just writing your story as you go, knowing that your real life, every day, right now, is perfect and what you want to make of it.

It’s all about stories. The stories you’ve been told, the stories you have created because of things you have seen, or outcomes for other people. Like my recent blog about loyalty, you aren’t being loyal to yourself by being loyal to all that other stuff, that is just PURE FANTASY.

Now, this is not to be confused with positive affirmation/intention work where you are you visualizing what you want in your life, and no you still don’t need hairy armpits, dreadlocks and tie-died moo-moos to do that either.

You can plan out the masterpiece and let the picture paint itself as the canvas is unravelled and ready to receive the paint.

Let me know one of your biggest fantasies you have been telling yourself in your life that’s stopping you from experiencing what you want. Oh and if you are wondering about the reference to Tim Tams, then watch this: CLICK

Remember, vulnerability is your friend…