Reality television…with real people, without media training or experience in politics, real estate or funeral homes … being their normal human selves in extreme circumstances because they have their eye on the prize.  

Is it entertainment or feeding the ugly negative that society needs to flick toute suite?

I read a news article over the weekend that apparently the nastier a personality, the better the ratings.

Humanity, it appears, if you believe the newspapers, still prefers a bit of cranky over warm and fluffy.  

Master Chef lost viewers because the Block had advertised spits and spats, but how many viewers had Master Chef gained as a result of the cranky, I know everything but I truly suck at cooking on a cooking program Queensland (sigh) lawyer.

I recall leaving a tweet wondering how an intelligent man could not contain his tongue given what television editing and people who love to hate bad guys can do for someone’s self esteem.

So tonight on the Block, Danielle adds to the mounting ‘YUK’ and I thought editing again, until I realised that no amount of editing was going to remove the sentences, the blame, the ridicule, the moving off topic behaviour.  

Then I got cranky, because her behaviour buys into so many ‘typical woman’ mentalities – even though there’s two other women on the block who are not like that.

Please note, I got just as cranky when Dale made a comment about not letting his missus get away with being outspoken …cough …neanderthal …. cough….

Anyway, as always what’s my point?

If you can’t say anything nice (positive) then shut the f-bomb up….  

Last weekend I whinged about two things verbally in two separate situations, and the response back and the energy exchange with that was awful.  I realised I had fallen into a whinger trap and must have been bitten by a happiless bug.  

Whinging, misery guts energy is like a magnet and if you aren’t careful, it’ll reach out like static electricity and latch on.  Most of all, it’s like a specimen in a petrie dish in a humid environment, it grows out of control without bleach.

See what happened for me though, I recognised it and realised I had to grab the gratitude bucket and focus on stuff that negated the whinges.  

Could you imagine living in a constant state of negative?  

Could you imagine the energy exchange of living in a situation, working in a situation, or being present in a situation that was constantly negative?  


If this is you, find you happiest, most loving, most joyful person in and around you and sit, watch and LISTEN… hopefully some of their happiness will transfer and you’ll get yourself out of your negative.

Oh, and unless you are the Dalai Lama, don’t go on a reality television show where you might win something that will change your life forever…. in so many ways…..