I am up bright and early today, my second last day in the US.  I have been researching day spas in the dark to go and shout Juli and BB a massage or facial somewhere today.  I have found this place that does a coconut and lime one….. Squeeee ….  Has the AUD dropped again because the rest of the world has realised that Tony Abbott is truly a misogynistic poohole and that women make up the majority of the small business community which is the largest and most profitable section of the Australian Business community and therefore because he hates them our economy is done for?

Will go check on Oanda.

Anyway… back to food in America.  My friend Carla shared a blog on facebook overnight from Huffington Post titled Surviving Whole Foods and it is a hilarious account of a woman going shopping in a food store here.

It has been a consistent part of my trip understanding the grocery shopping and what to buy and what not to buy and because Monsanto is so up in your awareness and the conspiracy theorists, you don’t know who you can trust and then all the food outlets and restaurants.

I am GF and DF and in Australia have had amazing results with eating like that. Over here it has been very hard to stick to it, because you know, I’m living in someone else’s home and it’s the one last part of my health that I have difficulty putting first… because I enjoy eating versus eating nothing or making a fuss…. I’m not going to do either of those.

I went to my aha about not saying in my head “oh golly-gee-whizz, if I put this in my mouth, chew and swallow it, it’s gonna make me sick”.  Instead I went to, “oooo, this looks beautiful, I can’t wait to taste it.”

Then my mind has to shut down.

You see, there is a grocery store here called Sprouts and it’s like a market store where you can go and buy anything that isn’t GMO’d  and organic and then all the food allergy stuff as well. Everything is labelled from where it comes from.  There’s another spanner in the works with the radiation fallout that is landing in California daily, and has been the last two years, so that when you check the label you have to also check for a CA and be fully cognescent of all the parts of California so that you aren’t going to turn green and glow in the dark or have your thyroid turn into a dried prune, become malignant and kill you.

Not to forget what I mentioned the other day about the new labels and not recognising anything.  Made me remember that it took me almost 8 months of getting used to it when I live in the UK.

So I have tried to do a bit of cooking here for Juli and her family to also help me with being able to do the GF / DF thing.  As Juli has said 1000 times, she can cook but doesn’t like it, and I can cook and love it. Tonight we are having lasagne and salad with a raspberry balsamic dressing. YUMMO!

When it comes to eating out, I just have to do my Reiki thing and change the energy of the food just in case they are using GMOs or products from glow in the dark California, going back to my mantra of oooo…

I guess if I beep when I go through immigration tomorrow, I’ll know my innards have turned to lead and I’ll look like I’m packing. Yeah, I know, I’m completely down with the lingo over bingo here.

….I hope to get a pat down from a 6’6″ ex fu-ball player with all his own teeth and straight fingers 😉

So, if I can get wifi in LAX, my next blog will be from there during my six hour lay over. If not, I’ll say hi when I wake up and know where I am next week.

To all that have been following my blogs while I’ve been here, thank you.  I hope you have enjoyed it and also learned a bit about America.

It really is a great country.  The people are brilliant, the shopping is amazing, the scenery, when not being washed down a newly formed gorge is exquisite.

Y’All know I’ll be back now y’hear!

Goddess of the Imperative