Right, so just watching something on National Geographic Channel about Hilter in WWII and there’s an ad for Doomsday Preppers…

Are you kidding me….

“it is the most sensible thing to do, to prepare for doomsday,” says this American woman packing up loads of tinned food.

Where do I start…

First of all, it’s doomsday – the day the world ends.

If you have some grand idea that you and one other male human are going to be last living survivors responsible for repopulating the planet and you are going to get your nutrition from tinned cans of beans…. are you not sure you want to re-write a different history than what we’ve had to live with with the Apple and the blamers?


More the point, if you did happen to survive doomsday and you were lucky enough to have a choice of partners to repopulate the world, can you imagine the conditions you’ll have to live in?

The mindset of survival, which you no doubt have been taking notes from the how many series of Survivor… #NB, the likelihood of you being on a South Pacific island on doomsday with your stash of canned beans is pretty small, so those notes you’ve been taking…. invalid….. 

Sorry, where was I…the mindset of survival….oh yes.  You aren’t going to have clean water, and your oxygen tank is not going to be unlimited oxygen supply.  The places where you can get the stuff to filter the water or get more oxygen have been blown to smithereens…

Have you not watched the Day of the Triffids or War of the Worlds?  

It’s hopeless.

You are best to just jump on the band wagon of us living in the nowers and enjoy the sunshine, the rain, the birds, the blue skies and the oceans.  The abundance that is when living in 2012.

The day doomsday does arrive you’d do well to hope that you are one of the first that gets to spontaneously combust or liquify in one one trillionth of a second, and then you get to enjoy a whole different kind of perfect then…

In closing, talk about unevolved…. you preppers are going to give the rest of humanity a REALLY bad name when the next mob get here and find that they evolved from bean eating weirdos that wear crocs and polyester undergarments.