Is it like some part of your brain has gone – “see, I told you, everything and everyone sucks, you were right”…?

I follow a funny page on FB called Jus’ Sayin – there are 394, 514 likes and 643,220 people talking about this on this page.  In the social media industry, these statistics are not gold, they are kryptonite. 

Today though, “because of a few people I’m going to take a break on all posting.”

How I wish I knew this lady in real life?  First thing out of my mouth would be “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

We are so quick to allow one or two negatives to rip the glowing joy of positives from our life.  

Why do we do that?  What inherent genetic trait to we have that pervades our core being that we allow the smallest quantity of ‘hate’ to ruin everything for us?

I’m here to say stop it.  Look at the stats of your every day.  Stop destroying your happiness by ALLOWING the negative to yank it away.  You are allowing it, nothing else.

I’m not saying to you don’t be disappointed – sure, be disappointed and feel let down and sad that someone has presented in your life the way they have.

Remember though, their reaction says everything about them and nothing about you if you have done something or are providing something because it’s your passion or what makes your heart sing.

You set the volume of the singing – not someone else.