The picture is relevant…

Today I sat and listened to a very close friend vent her anguish at her lot in life because she has agreed to keep saying yes to situations that have been asked of her.  There is not enough time in this post to cover the extra information associated with this paragraph, so essentially I’ll just need you to trust me that what’s being asked of her is locked in concrete and not able to be changed.

The tears, the desperation in her voice and the questions why, truly broke my heart.  Her having been forced into going over her life and justifying the position she finds herself in, and the patterns that have appeared, and the people currently using her who continue to say no, while she continues to say yes. 

The people continually wanting her help and not one of them asking her if she was ok. 

The people who sit in their own ‘no’s’ thinking that the world revolves around them, but it will be ok, “Jane” will look after us.

The people who are going out of their way to be there for complete strangers, but not being there for the person providing a roof, food and a bed.

My friend knows this and she is teetering on the edge of ‘is the universe #$%^ing with me or am I just stupid’?

People that are strong all the time are the ones that can fall the hardest. 

My friend is that close to the bottom right now, she can smell the lava, but she’s hanging in there.  She truly is an inspiration and as always she is able to say, “there are so many people worse off, I am so grateful for a. b. & c.”

What am I learning? 

How someone can live in complete faith that everything will be ok without selling their soul or taking the easy way out and saying ‘no’.

There’s not far to go now before it will be all over and then it will be like turning  a page of the biggest book ever made, and then there will be a book written which will be titled “Spirituality for Dummies”.

I did the best thing I could for her by giving her a Reiki and the human panic has subsided enough to give her some peace to go back to looking after herself and well being. 

Oh and I listened.  

No solving problems, no offering solutions, just listened.

Here is my vent/rant/concept grabber:

Look at the people in your life and what they bring to it. If you like being miserable and the people in your life are miserable, then you are right on track. 

If you think the world revolves around you and when you start a conversation with anyone and it takes less than 10 sentences or 10 seconds to be solely 100% about you and your life, then you need to ring Lifeline and talk to people who are qualified to sit on the end of a phone and not wish the person on the other end of the phone would ask how their day was going.

Quick question for you, when you listen to someone talk, are you listening to them to listen, or listening to them to reply?

If you aren’t capable of saying “if you need to just talk about your stuff for three weeks without let up, I’ll be here for you…” you aren’t in a balanced relationship.

If you are someone that can provide an excuse or reason for everything that is a ‘burden’ in your life then you might want to have a look at that fact.  

You wear your burdens like a badge of honour which sucks the sympathy from people who might have their own burdens.  

Imagine if you attracted people into your life who were there because they wanted to be or were motivated to be just like you.  How awesome and uplifting!!

Can you feel the energy change in that one statement?

Sympathy V Motivated?

Be very careful that you don’t have people in your life just for what you can get from them.  Ask yourself what are you giving back at the same time.

Where is the balance?

Times are changing people.  Enough is enough has become the new mantra and if you don’t believe me, go read the news from the last few months.

Enough is enough.

Wake up.

Get over yourself.

Start asking how you can walk in your authenticity and make a difference.

Live from your heart space.

Get out of your head.

Stop pretending.

Stop thinking that people won’t see through you, because they will.

Enough is enough.

Start your evolution now and reap the rewards. 

‎”For the mind ever calling for more truth and light, every bodily trial results 

in a greater and greater awakening.” -Prentice Mulford