It’s raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring, or in this case Kixx the Boxer Dog is. Very hilarious hearing a dog snore louder than a human.  It’s a rainy cold day in Colorado today.  When I say cold, that’s Queensland cold. I still had shorts on, but three layers on the torso. I was so hoping that it was going to turn into snow … you have 8 days to do it weather Gods!!

We headed up to a place called Golden today in the Rockies. It’s on the continental divide and the energy there is supposed to be the bom there. So with the weather, we only really got to see a little bit of the view and actually, still recovering from the work we did on day 7.  As we were driving through the gorges though, I felt it. There was one specific point as Jase drove around a bend and a massive rock outcrop was just beside the road where I felt the ancients. I felt them and the great thing was I didn’t feel like a stranger there. It was just like passing through and they all stood there and gave me that single nod you do when you are acknowledging someone in silence.  Even now as I type this I see 12 grey figures standing in silent solitude. It was brilliant.

After that we spent some time just hanging out at a lunch restaurant and then looking in the shops. It’s a University town and we were going to do the Coors Beer Tour, but it was closed.  Got to see my first Ouija Board at one of the second hand shops and had to have a giggle. Some girls I went to school with dabbled in them and got freaked out a great deal, so never thought they were very good to muck around with. Today though I’m like, just ask your dead people out aloud or in your head, they’ll answer you. The trick is to pay attention with the words that come immediately after or look for the sign you have asked for. There’s a whole heap of drama associated with ouija that isn’t necessary. That’s just my opinion though.  If you need spelled out words or names …. good for you. My dead people run on iO7. ;-)

So we get home and then prepare the room for our radio show, the two of us on beautiful high back chairs with the most beautiful Goddess tapestry, sitting, doing what we have wanted to do for 2 years, sitting together shooting the breeze.  We did our breathing together, we did it. I was binging off the ceiling for the rest of the day. We celebrated with dinner out at this place called Chilli’s and Juli taught me the value of margaritas. One like a slushy and one on ice. Pew Pew Pew … shoot them down, and at altitude – makes for a happy Manda. We need a Chilli’s in Australia – the yummiest Mexican type food ever.

Speaking of food. American’s must love it more than conveniences.  When you drive along the motorways in Australia, you know our blue signs that let you know if there’s toilets, picnic tables or the knife and fork to let you know there’s food?  Well here, it’s all just food – which food businesses are at what exit. I do believe that the concept of the logo may have been born in the USofA.

What I learned today:

  1. When you live in another country for the first time, you forget how accustomed your eyes are to what you see every day. When you are in a new country and everything is different, your brain hurts.
  2. Tipping has a scale from 10 – 20% depending on the level of service you receive. 
  3. I am happiest doing our radio show with us together, in the same place, in high back Goddess chairs.
  4. I love margaritas.
  5. My husband and sons appear to be just fine with out me.
  6. I like the Game of Thrones.
  7. It’s only 3 days until I meet another pivotal person in my life for the first time in 16 years, the man who taught me how to live in gratitude no matter what.
  8. There’s a slang American that has three words joined together and I have to hear it 3 times and then rack my already sore brain to work out the three words, and refer back to Foghorn Leghorn to recall how he used to speak on those cartoons.

    Geet = Did you eat?

    Who knew.

Love and kisses
Goddess of the Imperative