You know when you have done exercise for the first time in a while and you are all full of gusto and go out really hard and then wake up the next morning like you can’t move and day two is worse again. That’s what the jet lag was like. Yesterday I could barely function. Today, I was woken up for an all American breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes and it was the best thing that could have happened. I felt back to normal finally.

I must apologise for the spelling mistakes and missing words in the last two blogs. It is a perfect example of what sleep deprivation does to someone. I have no excuse for today, so hopefully this one doesn’t have too many.

Today was all about shopping for food .  With the quantity of GMO foods here in the US Juli has done a stack of research, so all her groceries are organic and we got to go off to a big organic grocery store.  I love Wrays where I live, but this place was sensational.  Juli is a good cook, but doesn’t like cooking. I am a good cook and I LOVE cooking, so I was in charge of purchases today.  Holy squeeee, I hope they open shops like this in Australia and they are independently owned and all relationships are with local farmers and it’s the only place you can buy milk so that our dairy industry can stop suffering.

It was hard working out pounds versus kilos, but the quantity of stuff we bought and the fact it was organic and what I bought I was pretty chuffed with the value.

After we came home, Juli enjoyed my most prized present for her and her family, a TIMTAM.  She really enjoyed it, unfortunately her body didn’t, so she had a bit of a rest and I got to watch the movie Cloud Atlas.

OH.MY.LORD. No accidents or coincidences. Takes some creative genius to come up with something they can make millions from in a movie to help someone like me who does work with genetic memory and energy.  If you want to understand what GENETIC Memory looks like, go watch the film.

All the way to the end.

That’s it in a nutshell.  The thing that also dawned on me after watching it and how Juli and I have worked through a stack of issues together since we have known each other, what our agreement is and where we are going with what we are doing.

So, this afternoon we got down to the bare bones of why I am here and what we are moving forward with. As with everything to do with us, we sit down and start talking and next thing we get up for a water and it’s 7.44pm. The sun goes down really late here.

Ooops. Better have dinner.

We started to build the structure around a new program – BE. DO. HAVE.


Holy moly people.  This is the absolute foundation to what we are exceptional at doing.

So, all primed up, I cooked the most GORGEOUS Thai Green Chicken Curry – all organic. We ate and I was glowing with the oohs and aahs and clean bowls. I was even doing it. I love my cooking. #GARFSNORT.

One trumpet. Blown. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Tomorrow is about postcards, outlet shopping, and planning out our very first coming out video about who we are and why we are doing what we are doing.

Today’s bit of advice and wisdom is all about organic. When you keep all the other shit out of what you swallow, you’ll never have to take your feet off the ground to cope.

See you tomorrow!!
Goddess of the Imperative