I sit here failing miserably with holding in tears and the lump in my throat as I get out of my head why today my compassion is limited to the Morcombes.

The name they spoke of with the arrest of the person who was charged with Daniel’s murder rang bells for me.  I knew it.  Then let it pass thinking ‘no, couldn’t be’.  But it was. I went to primary school with that person, and it was my first lesson in being able to look at someone evil and albeit for a short moment thinking how sad for that person that he grew up to be a pedophile.

Right in this minute though, the pain and torture of a mother’s face.  The pain and torture of holding in the pain and torture for a father.  The pain and torture of the loss of a brother and so many what ifs…

I have no compassion left for anything as evil as what has been bestowed on a truly unassuming family and a child who simply did not deserve what he was handed out in this lifetime.

It simply isn’t fair. 

Today if you were ever going to question your faith and trust, you would be excused for doing so.

Rest now Daniel.