The topic of what to charge, if one can get passed the whole idea of charging anything at all, has been put in front of me five times in the last four weeks, so I reckon it’s about time I put my two cents worth out there for people to think about and comment if you would like to.

Before I get into this, please know that I have struggled with this myself.  It is a journey in trying to remove pre-conceived ideas about worth, being a woman, being a business owner, selling something that isn’t tangible like a pair of shoes that you can take home and wear to death for 12 months and therefore the said value of items is apparent.  I would love to hear from any men that may read this blog if they have suffered the same, as any man I’ve met through my networking has never had this issue.  They all looked at me like I had just said something derogatory about their mother, when I’ve spoken about my quandary of what to charge for my IP.  You know… “why would that even be a problem for you?”

Well, if you’ve got a few lifetimes I’ll tell you why it is a problem for me…

Some of us women, and not all, (there are some women I look at with the greatest admiration because they have moved passed this idea of not charging for what they are worth), are still dusting off the dirt and removing the sabre tooth tiger fur from between our teeth as we wake up to what we really offer other businesses, people and this planet as a whole.

So, I am going to throw out there that there is a mind-set that is like a genetic pre-disposition to feel guilt, to stand there going “I’m a fraud, I can’t charge people for what I know or what I’m qualified to do…” she says bloodied and bruised from the mountain she’s just navigated over the last 22 years to get to where she is today.

I read once a scenario, a stripper or prostitute (who as I’ve already said before hold very important roles in our society) can earn upwards of $1000 a day when working.  They are selling happiness, pleasure, contentment…they are master problem solvers, have amazing people skills and their work conditions are as they wish them to be.

Think about your business, what do you provide your clients?  Are you providing happiness, pleasure, contentment…are you a master problem solver with amazing people skills?  Are you earning $1000+ a day??

Are you in a business where you are giving your clients the opportunity to make that much income their lives will be without hassle, the money will flow and their lifestyles will benefit.  Or you in a business where you may be someone that provides natural therapies and you will be removing emotional blockages from someone, allowing them to be free and to move through life less encumbered, which in turn just may help them achieve their goals and find the job of their dreams?

If you do not charge for your services, or do not charge enough, you may be feeding a perceived value of nil or very little.  If you are putting out fear of charging, your clients will pick up on that, and what will happen?  They’ll be the kind of client that questions your charges.

Please hear me when I say:  For every 1 client that questions your prices, there will be 2 more to take their place because they want to work with you because you are such a huge success and have made other people successful as well.

People pay $55+ for a GP Doctors visit and that Doctor really has no idea what’s wrong with you except for the symptoms you present with.  You pay that fee without blinking because they are qualified, they know what they are doing, but you could leave there with them saying “I’m not entirely sure of what the issue is, so let’s do some tests to make sure.”

“Ok,” you say, because you trust your GP.

Why would it be any different for you as a business owner?  But many of us are able to diagnose things and put the problem solving into place immediately. 

Problem with symptoms: “My daughter needs a new outfit for a wedding we are going to, there’s nothing pretty in the shops.”

GP Kids clothes designer diagnosis “I can help: what colours does she like? How old is she and did you want her to match your outfit? What’s your budget?”


So today’s message is:  Do not live in fear of judgement if you charge for what you are QUALIFIED to do.  Know that your livelihood is JUST AS important as your clients and what you are providing for them and how far reaching (what you are providing them) goes.  Do not go into guilt.  Do not go into giving mode and not be ok with receiving.  If you loved yourself unconditionally you would not be hyperventilating at the thought of losing a client that will quibble over a price….and I mean quibble, not negotiate, quibble.

You make people’s lives better or easier or more prosperous while you sit there giving giving giving and wondering how you are going to pay your bills? 

Doesn’t add up does it?  Time to put those big girl panties on and put yourself first.