Today I got to support someone very close to me, who is very private and very stoic in their approach to anything and everything.  This very important friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few weeks back and everything since then has been updates via email. 

Until today.

“Would you like to be my support person for the Look Good…Feel Better session?” 


The best thing to do for someone going through something – anything, is to just let them know that you are there whenever they need and leave it at that. Do not make it about you and push yourself onto them.  Truly, they’ll let you know when they want you and by HELL when they let you know then jump to it!

Cancer is such a personal battle and I’ve known this special person long enough to know how she operates, and I knew when she needed me she would let me know.

So, today as we have for the last 14 years, we got up to mischief AND had a ball and I got to tease her and we got to have fun and when it mattered most I got to be the one who helped her adjust her wig or the turban she was trying on and wipe the hair falling out off the back of her pretty floral top.  I got to hand her the make-up and check to see if it was put on properly.

I wanted so badly to draw her eyebrows on her, she knew in an instant that I would give her a look of surprise that would have someone checking their face for a piece of snot hanging out their nose if they saw her expression so she said no.  Sigh….

“oh come on…. pur-lease?”….  “no.”

So, today was very many firsts for us both.  

Her first time in a wig. Wig’s have changed, let me tell you. I couldn’t tell and I can usually tell.

Why do we have so much self confidence in our hair, some of the women there today, including my friend, have the most wonderfully shaped heads!!

Spending a day with the amazing volunteers and the women there going through what they are going through, really did make me sit up and say “I am doing the right thing with The Goddess Imperative and Juli”.

The sooner women become more empowered and the genetic links get removed (through emotional healing work instead of Doctors planting the seeds of ‘you know you are odds on too’) instead of accepted and the emotional issues that come with losing a child, not having children, miscarriage, not breast feeding etc etc etc…. this list is huge… the more, my belief anyway, the breast cancer rate will drop.  Medicine has come such a long way, I truly believe that diagnosis, medical treatment and emotional work would see so many greater outcomes if combined.

It’s cruel, it’s sad, it’s alarming the quantity of women and the age spectrum.

Every woman has her story and every woman is different. 

Every woman is special.

That is all.