Sorry to spring this on you today, but just in case you don’t know, I’m one half of a dynamic duo known as the Goddess Imperative.  Each week I co-host a radio show called the Goddess Cafe with my friend and colleague Juli DuBois.  I am in Australia and Juli is in the United States.  We get to talk about all the good stuff like limiting self beliefs, how to love yourself first and foremost, orgasms, sexuality in nature and therefore in humanity, orgasms, intimacy, body image, orgasms…and today we talked about BOOBS!

Today was our most fun show ever… we know we have struck a chord because the month of July has seen us hit our highest number of listeners ever. Our callers have been having breakthroughs on air and today, no callers but lots of people in the chat room offering up their story and feelings about their boobs.

If you want to hear our shows then google Blog Talk Radio Goddess Cafe, or you can click HERE and it will take you to the link and scroll down the page to the On Demand Episodes.

What happened on today’s program will be the catalyst for some life changing mindsets and we can’t wait to share.    

The Femininity Challenge – finding your inner Glamazon.

Go to our facebook page:

and look in the events tab for the graphic with the Femininity Challenge on it. 

We want you to participate, and we want you to share with all your friends. It’s time to start falling in love with our bodies – every bit of it, and release those mindsets about hating bits or all of ourselves because of limiting thoughts.  We’ve got a world to save, we can’t be wasting precious thoughts on wobbly bits, is this provocative, do I look ok, I wish mine were bigger, I wish mine were smaller, I hate…etc 

Hands up if you are a woman who doesn’t like some part of your body? Well, you are the person we want to participate:

Step 1.  

Choose a day to ‘get ready’ and get feminine to take a photo of yourself.

Step 2.

Document every thought and feeling you have as you are choosing your outfit, doing your hair, putting on a little make-up if you feel like it.

Step 3.

Take your photo that you will post on our wall on facebook or will email to:

Step 4. 

Document your feelings as you load that photo up and how you feel as you go to hit the post button.

You then hand it over to Juli and I so that we can hear how you went, and then work with you on releasing anything negative to help you truly fall in love with your feminine.

Can’t wait to share the outcomes!