Have you ever been to a party or a function where you are the designated driver?

You start the event the same as everyone else, but they are drinking and as you remain sober, you get to watch as each person gets more inebriated, how their personalities morph.

Well, this is what it is like when you let go of control and you have taken your hands off the wheel.

You are sitting there being the designated driver with no steering wheel and you are free and unencumbered because you have complete faith and trust that the car knows where it is going… meanwhile, all those people around you hanging onto their ability to control, needing to have their control, making the choice to control because they are legally able to, losing their mind and going ape shit.

They aren’t having any fun.  I will guarantee they are not happy.

They are the ones who ended up driving the porcelain bus of despair because they are constantly being disappointed.

Be the designated driver. The high you will receive when you know the freedom of freedom makes that glass of wine taste amazing. Gratefully, the designated driver role comes with a whole heap of compassion to help you stay out of it when all the ‘drunk’ people come trying to tell you how much they love you.