Back from holidays with a resounding thud, and with the weather that’s arrived thanks to ex-cyclone Ostwald, I find myself on Australia Day up to my neck in washing with no blue sky in sight, scrolling through facebook and contemplating what it means to be Australian… no… procrastinator is not one of them. #garfsnort…

On this Australia Day 2013, I wish the most of everything that this be the year that real change is made. That the evolution of our political leaders, our indigenous elders and leaders of the melting pot of other cultures that are new Australians can see the massive virtues of this nation and make this year the year that changes everything in how we live as a country.

Forgiveness, healing and letting go of things that cannot be changed, yet be looked upon as the greatest gifts because we know what doesn’t work and what can.  No more fear of doing the wrong thing, no more shoving money at something because its easier than getting to the bottom of things and making real change.

This is my wish for Australia:  Do not forget where you’ve come from, yet live breathe and espouse everything that this country offers to those who want to live in harmony.  

Tomorrow is a new day, and in Australia, that’s a beautiful thing.