I have a real life story to share that is like a compelling novel.  

There’s dead people, there’s an exhausted wife, there’s a husband with a favourite toy and there’s an end of the world as we know it drama…

So, just to qualify and to remind everyone that I have described myself as someone who “speaks to dead people”, but I have refined this down to someone who “listens to dead people”.  I just ask a question, in whatever context of the situation I am in, and then wait for the pictures or words they give me.  I have been listening effectively for nearly three years now, and previous to this could hear, but there was no one at home when it came to trusting what I was hearing…

….and that was for approximately 28 years.

So here’s the real life compelling story…please get comfy:

So tonight I had my husband put my ‘listening to dead people’ skills to the test.  He doesn’t necessarily enjoy, acknowledge or feel closer to me because I listen to dead people, but tonight, with his end of the world drama, he decided he’d put me to the test.

DRAMA: Lost washer for a steering wheel on a steering wheel column of his car.

PANIC: Cannot drive said car without steering wheel in place…had three washers and could only find two.

WIFE: Listened intently to the last 20 minutes of backward steps to trace path to where it possibly could be.  Not once did he utter, “can you please ask them where it is.”

WIFE’S KNOWING: Husband wants my help to listen to his dead people to help remove his end of the world (as we know it) dilemma.

WIFE’S RESPONSE: Get the torch and look under the drivers seat, it’ll be there. 

FACTUAL INPUT:  His dead people gave me a picture of the drivers seat, the carpet on the floor in front of the drivers seat and a torch sitting on the carpet of the drivers seat floor.

WIFE’S TRANSLATION: “Get the torch and look under the drivers seat, it’ll be there.”

HUSBAND WANDERS BACK INTO THE WILDS OF THE GARAGE….only to return in greater frustration that it wasn’t there and proceeded to start the 20 minute back track dialogue again.

WIFE: I’ll come down and have a look (before he got to the end of the first sentence of the back tracking).

WITH PPE (aka thongs – flipflops for my OS friends) on I step into the zone, knowing that I trust what the dead people put in my head and that I will find the washer….BECAUSE I know that husband was really buying into “see you don’t talk to dead people, because I didn’t find it, and you won’t either”.

SEARCH PARTY: I picked up the torch and looked everywhere and just as I too had decided that I must have been wrong, I stand up, with the torch and go to turn it off and what was there? The washer on the magnetic strip of the torch.

So folks….this is why I’ve titled this post “accuracy should not diminish relevance”….if you are a skeptic, if you think psychics or mediums are rubbish or faking it, or they say stuff that’s not right or at the very least 100% right, go back and have another shot with the mind set that they have to TRANSLATE what they see or are given.  

The dead people talking to me tonight said every time – “Get the TORCH and then the picture of the front seat” – Torch being the most important part of the information.

And the steering wheel and steering column went on to live happily ever after.