What the heck is a soul agreement?

That’s a really great question because soul agreements are a really large part of our being here.

Have you ever wondered how you landed in the family that you did whether you were born into that family or whether your specific soul agreement meant that you were adopted? Meaning that your birth parents soul agreement was to get you here and then your heart parents were the ones who brought you up?

Have you been wondering why you have relationships that people keep lying to you no matter how hard you stay on your own path that you believe them?

Are you looking at your children parenting from a place of fear that one day they will feel the same way about you that you feel about your parents or siblings and it makes your stomach wretch?

I have a very quick podcast that I would like to share with you in an effort to bring you some immediate peace when it comes to soul agreements and what that means for you. In turn, when soul agreements and what they means lands, should that peace last 3.6 seconds before the anger, hurt or disillusionment lands, I will give you a really easy way to escape the big bad ugly emotions that come with awareness sometimes.

Click on the link below to have a listen and if you can’t then click HERE to listen. ¬†You’ll only need around 15 minutes and welcome to come and listen again with a pen and paper ready.

If you would like some weekly, no fuss, support to help you through your soul agreements, I would love for you to join me HERE to start peeling your onion layers as well as empowering you up to keep that peace going for longer stretches of time.