Paid Energy Healers, Yidaki Healers and Gong Therapists in Hospital Situations
+ a Research Institute to end the Placebo Myth.


​When you listen to the news or read the documents, everything says disease rates are increasing. Even when billions are spent on medical research, life expectancies with chronic illness aren’t increasing. Some have been stagnant for decades. Research institutes are big business these days, and there’s a lot of confusion and argy-bargy about who is right and wrong in the Science world. The conspiracy theorists are on the rise, the corruption is being unveiled, and nothing appears to be about patient outcomes because of it.

One of my favourite statements about modern-day health and science is the often quoted definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

The face I make when science say they're the only way

The face I make when Placebo is mentioned


Health choices are a very personal aspect of life. Every person has been born into a family with methods of dealing with health issues and in my world this can best be presented as three groups of people.

  • medical only “is there a pill for that?’
  • natural only “how can I help my body heal itself?”
  • medical and natural “medicine is for emergencies, I’ll handle the rest myself”

I have been a chiropractic patient since I was 10 months old in 1970, my maternal grandmother knew about herbs and plants and how they supported health. She even developed a chocolate cake made on mashed potato for my mother when my mother was advised she was intolerant to sugar in the 1980s and why her back kept ‘going out’.

Trauma-Informed Energy Therapists

The connection between emotions and illness landed in my life in 1985 when I was introduced to Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) developed by a Chiropractor. It was like the seas parted and showed me the way home from that moment. Ever since, I have been living from the premise of ‘find the emotion involved, and you’ll help your outcomes.’ In 2005 I learned about Reiki; in 2009, I stepped into my healer life, unravelling my natural gift of being able to see emotional trauma stuck, and I went on to develop a unique healing technique I have called Emotional Strength Training for the long version and Demanking® for the shorter version.


Because of the quantity of personal research, study, and healing sessions I’ve done, I have been able to map patterns out around why someone has presented with a health issue or been given a medical diagnosis, and it always comes back to a trauma – for them.

This is why no cookie cutters are allowed past this point.

Trauma means different things to different people, and that’s my specialty.  For psychologists trauma means easy to identify things – for an energy healer – trauma can be something entirely different.

There is a science working on research for this concept: psychoneuroimmunology or psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology. It studies the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. This branch of science will be looking for a pill for someone to take to interact with the nervous and immune systems. Still, energy therapies and vibrational therapies like those of the Yadaki and Gong Healing are that pill – for those who are open to it.

“Open to it” is also qualified for anyone from I’ll try anything to those who’ve been using these methods as part of their health regime for years.

When medicine arrived, it was responsible for virtually doubling life expectancy, and thanks to medicine, we have the largest population ever in the history of mankind; then the next pandemic arrived.


A new virus, 6.5+ million dead (as of September ’22). I will admit, when everything started to go pearshaped, I did post a snide “how’s having the only say in health workin’ out for ya medicine?”.

The end result has been a global fear-fest, mass division in society about who is right and who is wrong, economies stopping for anyone not a conglomerate, trade dismantled, and people in charge of medical decisions burned out af (don’t read research on how dangerous it is to be attended by a medical professional in burnout and especially not if you’re black) and finally conspiracy theorists almost glowing in the dark with glee, screaming at anyone with ears to ‘do the research’.

Health education needs a massive upgrade, and my big dream is to have a body of work that medicine has to take notice of to help their work achieve better results. Medicine is important, and it’s only one part of the health puzzle.

For too long there’s been a giant disconnect between mainstream and natural health and it just doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Not if you want true results that are long lasting. Energy healing is the missing link to support all the other choices you are making for yourself.

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When I first learned that Reiki was being made available to cancer patients in some hospitals in Australia, I discovered too that any Reiki practitioner offering support was a volunteer. Everyone else in the cancer care of the patient was getting paid, but the Reiki practitioner had to volunteer. Since then, the quantity of research papers that have been published that prove the effectiveness of Reiki in a cancer patient’s journey has been qualified over and over. I dream of taking the lead of the McGrath Foundation, which funds McGrath Breast Care Nurses.  These nurses support individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer. My big picture is to take their model of employing Trauma-Informed Energy Therapists to support people and their families going through a health crisis. Everyone will have their emotions and trauma associated to the health crisis. Having a Reiki Therapist, Yidaki Player or Gong Healer available to provide therapies that will support and restore calm, which will in turn allow the patient and their families the ability to focus on their health journey, versus letting the fear and suffering rob them of their ability to focus on the bigger ticket items in their life.

It’s time to write a new story when it comes to health and wellbeing. The old way isn’t redundant. It’s still an important part of life and there for a really good reason. It is, however, time to widen the view, to challenge the status quo and to implement that missing link that facilitates your ability to handle life, even when the bad things show up.

Everyone in and on a health journey deserves to feel respected and supported as well as have the ability to be able to be of service and receive remuneration and job security to allow them also to live their life outside their work. So often, the non-medical aspect of a health crisis, is provided by volunteers.

This part of the process will employ Wayfinder Therapists in a full-time or permanent part-time capacity.


Giving a voice to whole-body health education to remove the fear of an unknown under a trauma-informed platform will offer a wider understanding to all stakeholders in the health and wellbeing journey. Calmer patients provide space for a medical professional to do what’s necessary for their field, together with a wider understanding of what fear, anxiety, and grief can do to a person’s stress levels and how that can impact a health and wellbeing plan.


So much of what can’t be explained in health research is labelled the placebo effect. Amanda has mapped trauma patterns and how they show up as illness and disease in her time as a professional energy healer. With this process, it is her dream to build a body of evidence that can be utilised in medicine to educate health professionals and patients on things they can do at the point of a trauma being created, which will aid in the prevention of catastrophic disease or at the very least, support a person through to a ‘good death’. 

My purpose for being here is to help people see the whole picture, get the science and reduce the burden of life.

I want everyone from your everyday citizen, the entrepreneur, the military professional, the first responder, the elite athlete, the teacher, the lawyer, the CEO, the famous person, the mum, the dad, the kid, and everyone in between, to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, we just need to put the puzzle pieces in the right spot to reveal the true picture.

THEN I teach you how to make peace with that picture so that it provides you with the wisdom to make the best choices for you for the rest of your days.

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