Unicorn: via Merriam Webster Dictionary: :  a mythical animal generally depicted with the body and head of a horse, the hind legs of a stag, the tail of a lion, and a single horn in the middle of the forehead.

Let me cut right to the chase: I can see and remove blocked traumatic memory from a person’s body without them being anywhere near me. In fact none of my clients, except my husband and children are never even close, many not even in the same country. All I have to do is have the person’s permission (which happens when they book in) and I do a visualisation which completely removes my energy from the situation, I click the record button, close my eyes, say an affirmation and then ask the person’s energy to show up in the space I am looking at in my minds eye. Then I start speaking everything I see. Everything. There’s parts of what’s showing up that has no relevance to me, but it does for the person I’m reading for.

Sometimes I see animals, and have to jump onto the internet to go and find what that means and every time it makes sense or validates what I’ve just said. Sometimes I see colours, many many times I see the memory that’s been stuck, often I feel the level of emotion in my own body and describe that, sometimes I might even start crying – that’s when I know how much emotion has been suppressed in my clients life – sometimes I will speak sentences and have my client say “they’re the words I say all the time”.

This is my natural ability. The only natural therapy training I have had is in Level 3 Usui Reiki.

Over the last six years as I’ve worked with other natural therapists and leaders in the Spiritual Development/Personal Development industry, I have been advised a number of times that I am a Shaman. Two people in particularly who I admire greatly who have studied under many Shamans of note in many Shamanic traditions. If it wasn’t for these two people, I would have shut down this aspect of my life.

Go google “What is a Shaman” and then let’s join hands and collectively suck air in at horror of what that sounds like. That’s my Unicorn!

Here’s a video that I would love for you to watch as I get to the point of why I don’t believe in Unicorns.




Let me begin this next bit by saying, there is nothing wrong with Unicorns. There’s nothing wrong with fairies and there’s nothing wrong with those people who work in the airy-fairy aspects of spirituality and natural health. You are going to hear what your eyes are looking at.

While I don’t believe in Unicorns, there are many on the planet who believe in them and believe they exist, draw wonderful energy from them and find incredible peace in their existence. I’m exactly the same with malevolent energy – you know the scary black dark shit that sometimes comes with spirituality. I don’t believe in that either, I know it exists, but I still don’t believe in it. It’s not my area of genius, but there are many many people on the planet who do believe in it and do their work around it. I come from a place that darkness only exists where there is no light, therefore I win. 😉

My purpose for being here is to capture the attention of those people whose eyes see the dreadlocks, the cheese-cloth, the silver marijuana leaf on the plaited leather neck band and completely miss the valuable message that is natural therapies are important.

My purpose for being here is to capture the attention of those people whose eyes see ranting and drama and the accusations, the diminishing and completely miss hearing the fear that those doing the ranting, creating the drama and flinging the accusations are operating from.

My purpose for being here is to own that I am a Shaman – a contemporary one – that being I do not need mind altering drugs or full on ritual to do what I do. I am an energy worker. Go and read some of Gregg Braden’s books and quantum physics topics. I have been studying human behaviour and stories since I was a teen. I have been living a personal health regime that involves, structural health through chiropractic, chemical health through what you put into your body and emotional health by connecting the dots to what’s going on in your now and how old emotional memories come to the surface or trigger fear responses.

It all comes down to your fears and how you address them.

I am not going to be the person standing in front of you asking you to open your mind to looking at the impact traumatic emotional memory have on your life with a big bit of green spinach stuck over the top of my front tooth. Your mind has just completely forgotten the first half of that sentence with a view of a white tooth with something stuck on it hasn’t it?

I stand in the corner that says it takes many aspects of health, including medicine for those who have grown up in the medical mindset to help people get to their happy and happy means different things to different people.  I have tried to connect with the Cancer Council of Australia, Dr Nadine Burke Harris about her ACE protocol, Dr Bruce Lipton the Author of Biology of Belief, James Arthur Ray of the Secret and Harmonic Wealth to discuss and ‘join hands’ in putting the pieces of the puzzle together only to get no response, a thank you if you meet a criteria we can put you on a helpful list or huge warnings around be careful where you tread. I was discussing it with a wise friend yesterday and she articulated that many are not interested in solving a problem but rather pursuing their own ideas. I also know that fear is such a game changer for so many, that that is the key element to be addressed when looking at this subject.

So, who knows, maybe that is the Big U telling me to forge my own path and to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together and make my own jigsaw?

Hands up if you think Fear is your enemy? Hands up if you think Fear is your friend?

It’s both my lovely and I would love for you to join me in learning why you should and how you can embrace it for your greater good.

Join me each week for a free lesson in how to understand that fear is both by clicking HERE.

Here’s to Unicorns and all their majesty.