If you’re a person who follows the news, you’ll have seen that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May has lost her voice. Standing in Parliament trying to speak to her colleagues about the options with Brexit.

As the voice of the Emotional Immune System, I want to point out to you how the emotional impact of anything to do with the throat and loss of voice is being showcased right in front of our eyes. Like astrologists that can talk about the planetary alignments and what they mean present day, to then be able to showcase the similar theme in days gone by when the planets were in the same position, hopefully, this example will give you a few ahas about your own relationship with sore throats and loss of voice in days gone by.

I have three main resources I use when joining the dots to emotions, the books written by Louise Hay and Inna Segal as well as what the chakra dictates from a blocked energy point of view in the human body.

Collectively, these are the focus points of what emotions and life circumstances you are dealing with when your throat is sick:

  • swallowed anger
  • powerlessness
  • inability to express yourself
  • resentment of authority
  • so mad you can’t speak
  • stifled creativity
  • self-doubt
  • misunderstood
  • held back
  • difficulty trusting

So, if you were to go through the anatomy of Brexit, I’m hoping that all of those things will make for a big kaching in understanding why Mrs May is now physically having to fight for her voice to come out.

More the point, Brexit is at a crucial point, something needs to happen or it won’t. The instability in the country is significant.

For those of us who aren’t trying to run a country and leave a region with ease and grace, but rather have these issues showing up for us in our every day, it’s important to know that over time, your emotional immune system can wear away at your whole immune system until a trigger shows up and *BAM* you’re sick – in whatever definition of sick is in your book of self. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Pressure is a trigger, deadlines are a trigger, teams of people not working together but against each other, feeling powerless to make change where you so desperately want it. This is (that is) what it looks like when your emotional immune system has copped a hammering.

If you are experiencing this in your life, or every time you find yourself  living with a sore throat and no voice, you can rectify your emotional immune system with my unique process – no matter where you are in the world. I invite you to try my unique healing technique and implement this conscious way of looking at illness and disturbances in your life. You’ll reap the rewards of removing this emotional trauma footprint in your body, so even if you do feel powerless in a situation, you’re not going to pay more of a price by actually losing your voice as part of the process.

Rather, your voice will be strong, your story about being heard will be strong and you will implement the actions you want to.