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One thing lights Amanda up everyday. Health and wellbeing. She’s been living what she teaches since 1985 and studying it deeply since 1997. In 2009 after a corporate career spanning 21 years in large international and domestic businesses, she stepped into her purpose for being here:

To educate anyone who will listen on how to connect the dots to emotional trauma to work out why things like fear, sabotage, anxiety, auto-immune diseases, cancer and everything in between has shown up. Her message has everything to do with evolving personally and professionally in the 21st Century from a sense of inclusiveness, that is no one is right or wrong there’s just important steps being missed or overlooked. Steps that have the potential to change everything. 

The best thing about Amanda, no lip-service. It’s one thing to join the dots and talk about it, but what happens next….that’s when things get interesting.

People spend their lives trying to find their purpose, and Amanda is one of the lucky ones whose found it. She wants to share the discoveries to help others live what’s possible.

Amanda grew up in Australia and has been a public speaker since she was 13 when she joined her High School Speaking and Debating Teams. She doesn’t shy away from the tough topics. Today though, she can hold a room enthralled with her theories and take on all things health and wellbeing. The most dynamic part of Amanda’s topic is her cutting-edge approach to health that doesn’t isolate anyone from their current health and happiness choices.

Her delivery is easy to understand without jargon that will have your mind spinning. Her approach is inclusive, teaching and educating through personal stories and points of reference about how she has overcome some pretty big life challenges at the hands of other people’s decisions, as well as why she is a walking, talking example of her theory around physical health and the emotional immune system. She has the medical record to prove it.

Amanda is a medically friendly energy practitioner whose end game is to get the science behind medical and energy therapies working together to create greater outcomes for patients. Her biggest goal with her work is to reduce suffering and increase stability in people’s lives, personally and professionally, as well as helping more people to embrace the benefits of allied natural therapies. You will be pleasantly surprised how grounded, fact based and researched her topics are. Where possible, she will always connect to science as well as a plethora of what’s deemed anecdotal evidence with the thousands she’s worked with since 2009.

Keynote Presentations

Choose from one of Amanda’s topics or let her know what the strategy is with your event for her to create a bespoke presentation to support your audience. Presentations from 30 minutes to an hour recommended.

Workshop Facilitation

In Amanda’s corporate career with the large corporates she was involved in, her roles always evolved towards training, team building and culture enhancement. She knows how to build teams, bring them together and create environments that involve conscious awareness and collaboration.

You know your business better than anyone, you know what challenges you are currently going through and you also know where you want your company to be in five years. You know how the bottom line is impacted when your team aren’t working like a precision engine. Let Amanda and her processes be the fresh set of eyes and ears that come into your business to teach and expand the possibilities. Her work is perfectly aligned with Human Resource strategies and plans.

Workshops can be day delivery up to three day delivery and online if you have teams all over Australia or the world.


Your leadership team and decisions makers need a new way of looking at things. You want to inspire them to come up with new ways of securing your ideal clients, you want to bring in the bigger picture to how humans work. Amanda is ideal at delivering Masterclasses that are on topic and are guaranteed to have your collective thinking at double time and virtually exploding with ideas. Amanda is also an intuitive, so when she is in your business delivering the Masterclass, you’ll want to have your equipment on record for when she’s tapped into the heart and soul of your business – through your people – because big ideas and big plans can be born from what she speaks when she’s in flow.

Retreat Facilitation

Amanda has a very unique process when it comes to retreats. Depending where you are holding your retreat, you will need to allow a minimum of three days for her work to be the most effective. Healing in a live in situation is all about high vibrational energy. Reach out to Amanda via the Let’s Chat button providing detail of where, when and how many people to see if Amanda’s work is a match for what you are trying to achieve. For testimonials from participants of Amanda’s retreats click HERE.


Important messages delivered with humour and the ones most likely to stick…

Amanda’s delivery is infectious. She generates laughter and tears in the same presentation. She speaks her truth, tells it like it is, and gives your audience huge take-aways that will instigate real change. The reason? She’s been through it, and come out the other side and there’s nothing she’s not seen in her practice when dealing with things people have lived though themselves.

Health Professionals

Health & Allied Professionals

  • The Trio of Health – understanding the four sides to the triangle that is the immune system. (Yes, you read that right, there’s four sides to Amanda’s triangle).
  • Understanding emotional trauma and its effects on our cellular footprint.
  • Natural Therapies and Medical Therapies living happily ever after.
  • The importance of quality branding for Natural Therapies.

Human Resources Professionals

  • Human behaviour and fear.
  • Burnout.
  • Consciously building corporate culture.
  • The 80-20 Rule.
  • Reducing sick leave.
  • Team building wthout fire walks.
  • Keep your employees longer.
  • Productivity boosters.
  • Chief Wellness Officer Standards.

Military & First Responder Professionals

  • Preventing and managing PTSD and suicide risk.
  • Understanding the emotional immune system.
  • Fear is a strength not a weakness.
  • Operation Secret Squirrel.

Networking & Personal Development Professionals

  • Elevating women without diminishing men.
  • Narcissism for dummies.
  • Understanding Self-Sabotage.
  • Dysfunctional relationships with money.
  • Failure Footprint
  • Faculty of Forgiveness

Should you have a topic that you would like Amanda to address to your audience, she is happy to work with you to build a bespoke presentation specifically aligned with issues you are dealing with in your business.

When I decided to grow my business to include retreats, I knew I needed to have a quality facilitator at the helm. My experience with Amanda has been her compassion, understanding and ability to see the bigger issues and take participants to a new level of understanding of themselves. The best part about Amanda is that she’s open to trying things new, so when a cruise option was offered, she jumped at the chance. I am looking forward to working with her again with new and innovative ways to combine travelling and healing in one package.

Karen Murray

Personal Travel Manager

Amanda Foy has run and facilitated workshops for my business Optimum Health. She is an inspirational and motivational speaker. She will challenge your perceptions of how you view life’s highs and lows. You will come away from her talks with a few gems every time along with a few AHA moments. I highly recommend Amanda for your event or workshop.

Jacinta Harding

Nutritional MD, Optimum Health

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Foy. I felt a synergy with Amanda and searched out ways that we could work together. I attended an education seminar she hosted, where she shared her knowledge and advice regarding B2B communication through social media platforms. I got so much from the course I hired Amanda to provide specific advice for our businesses. She is creative and innovative, with a friendly easy-going manner. I look forward to working with her again.

Leisa Low

Owner & Director, Rallings Print Group

I booked Amanda as a speaker for the launch of The Kitchen Table Network Brisbane West, and I have rebooked her to celebrate our 1st birthday. Amanda spoke on personal branding and how important it is to be authentic in business. Her audience were women in business. Amanda connected with the audience on real issues and everyone warmed to her genuine openness. She was humorous but kept on point, was well organised and a popular speaker. Thank you, Amanda.

Karen Farley

TKTN Jindalee & Ipswich

What a dream team!  Amanda Foy and Michelle House were fantastic additions to the conference program.  Not only being enthusiastic promoters of the Association in the lead up to conference, they were completely ‘on task’ meeting all our deadlines.

Their session was the perfect mix of out of the box approaches and practical down to earth strategies.   I loved the session and the journey they took us on.  They created a generous and safe space for delegates to identify what was going on for them. Identifying the personal and business blockages (emotional and systems issues) made this a profound session!  Thank you so much!

Louise D'Allura

Conference Project Team, Australian Association of Professional Organisers

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