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Whether it’s you and your life as a business owner or CEO, the clients or staff you are attracting, whether your clients or staff are going through life stuff and it’s hampering your bottom line and your ability to provide a lifestyle for them and for you, you have options available to you to start to get on top of and turn things around. 

There are literally thousands of manuals and business gurus around the world telling you how to build funnels and strategise out your wa-hoo AND they are all missing the biggest chunk of the pie when it comes to lifting a business to it’s next level … the energy aspects of a business. The staff, the clients, the building, the previous owners. If you have any kind of humans associated with your business, you’re going to have emotions that create an energy and mess with it’s success. Then, given what’s happened with the global economy and mankind with the arrival of the pandemic, you have a whole new level of WTAF to bring into navigating business.

Your team is starting to fight. You have a new member, a top gun, and everyone else in the team who you’ve had working smoothly forever, start taking sick leave for the first time ever. Something is up and it needs to be addressed fast. You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place because this gun employee is going to take you to the next level, and you don’t want to lose them either.

If 2020 has done anything, it’s shone a light on how malleable businesses need to be. Companies are looking at new, innovative ways to maintain their workforce from a bottom line perspective, and if you aren’t looking, you should be. Given the impact of COVID on the world, corporate leaders are taking the opportunity to implement new strategies to help their team become empowered in their own health and well-being.

When emotional wellness is encouraged and supported within a business, your team’s energy flows and flourishes. The bottom line benefit of managing emotional wellness is less sick leave, stress leave, ‘personality clashes’ and less staff turn-over. Everything that costs businesses big money. Have you worked with your CFO to establish what it costs your business to lose an employee and start again?

I work closely with CEOs and their HR Executives, to provide wellbeing support to teams and individuals to help them stay on track, even if it’s something outside the business causing distress.

The good news is, this process isn’t a cookie-cutter EAP Program where you buy a manual and try to implement. Every company is different, every team is different because, simply put, it’s loaded with individuals. In my world, a program can’t be a cookie-cutter concept.

I’ll work with you to build a tailored program from scratch, train your management team or tweak what’s already in place to yank it into the Now Age. I bring 21 years of large corporate multinational experience as well as 11 years of dedicated emotional trauma experience that centers on the teachings of the Trio of Health and the importance of our emotional immune system. I’ve worked with thousands of people since 2009 to help them navigate away from emotional blockages holding them back.

My point of difference WILL see change where everything hasn’t worked or stopped working. The most significant part of this unique process: NOT ONE PART of the ethos I bring to your business isolates anyone from their current beliefs or health practices. My health and wellness programs establish a process of individual empowerment supporting balance and harmony, even when life is throwing rocks at your favourite glass windows.

I look forward to working with you and your team. Get ready for some dinner plate eyes and loads of giant smiles. Let’s get to work.

Radical Results

Radical in nature and radical in outcomes. This is the starting point for any business, no matter how long it’s been going or the circumstances associated about how this business came about and why it’s in your life.

As with all work I undertake, this is not a one-time-fixes-all session. It’s the session to identify where the biggest issues are and then we make a plan of where to go to next.

All Radical Results Sessions come with a 1 to 1.5 hour debrief and a next steps action list will be developed.

What you receive:

  • An energy reading on your business – no matter how many employees or how old the business is.
  • A private Sound Cloud Audio to listen to with all the details of the stuck energy being removed.
  • A one to one and a half hour debrief via zoom so the audio can be recorded as well.
  • An action plan of what to do next to implement change and reap the rewards of the new energy.

Choose the upgrade option and we can work together over a whole day or four two hour sessions over two weeks to build a complete plan of where to go next.

Culture Club

You have a culture issue.

Bullying complaints. People taking sick leave at higher rates. You’ve checked on your premiums with your workers compensation insurance and little beads of sweat break out on your forehead.

You’ve tried mentors, consultants, team building, stern words, final warnings and nothing’s working. Your bottom line and productivity is being hit hard by sick leave, restaffing, retraining and legal fees.

It’s time to try something new that you may never have thought of that involves digging for the deeper issues that, once cleared, will make you an employer of choice.

Imagine having a team that is loyal, loves your business like it’s their own, team environments full of mutual respect and the bigger picture. Teams that are still able to embrace their own personal goals and aspirations as well as grow with the business. A business full of star performers because they’re bouncing off the ceiling happy, in all areas of their life.

What Happens

  1. We have an Issues Meeting – allow 2-3 hours.
  2. Confidential interviews are conducted with the team members involved.
  3. Patterns identified.
  4. We have a second meeting to report on the pattern findings. This meeting also assesses what you are prepared to do and not prepared to do as part of your business strategy and plan.
  5. An action plan is developed and presented with a recommended calendar and stakeholders required.
  6. Begin implementing.

Costs for this are based on quantity of employees and your business plan.

Lead By Example

Hot air rises right? Well, energy filters down. You, your management team, team leaders and even Board of Directors are all individuals bringing their individual experience and expertise to the table. Today’s labour market is diverse and a very different place to even five years ago.

Leaders have personal lives with stories and traumas just like every person in their team. It might be the main driver behind why they are so successful or they might be completely oblivious to how it’s impacting them or their team.

Now, more than ever, your leadership team needs to be one step ahead of the game when dealing with their people. People want to feel involved, heard, and valued. When we talk about your bespoke program, we will be talking about something that’s the next step to profiling or talent dynamics. The plan going forward will involve identifying patterns and matching energies, connecting the dots to neurological facts, mindfulness as well as global consciousness and unexplained ebbs and flows in your business.

This Lead by Example program will bring a whole new level of emotional intelligence and way of looking at your business. A business that is an intelligent life force all its own, that is sometimes dictated by things that you’d never think of.

Building Brilliance

Your team is emotionally intelligent, you have a great team environment, loyal clients, great prospects, but something is amiss. Your team seem to get sick at the same time each year, some bad debts are starting to trickle in, equipment is breaking down. You know that something’s not right.

The biggy: you’re expanding and you are moving premises and you want to make sure that none of the previous business energy is hanging around to destabilise your dream.

This is delivered as an audio session and is an energy session treating the business as something that resembles a human form and clearing all the energy that is not meant to stay in the building to bring it into alignment with your intentions for the business, your people and your clients.

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