One thing I have read over and over again with the #MeToo onslaught from the Hollywood women who originally started the movement about Harvey Weinstein’s behaviour, to the men who are now standing up from that industry saying they should have said or done more, to the everyday person using the #metoo hashtag (one report I read said 12 million women have come out with their stories…12 million!), is that there is this inordinate quantity of shame attached to the situations.

The shame extends from the place of not wanting to discuss what happened to an individual: “what good will it do to bleed out all over the page.” To a man articulating his shame at not doing something when he knew because his own career would have come into jeopardy.

It’s like this giant purge of an epic miasma threatening to close everyone’s throat because of the level of overwhelm, but this has forced society’s hand to really look very deeply at what’s been going on for far too long.

I’m grateful for my way of living with these things and all of the work that I’ve done on it myself over the last 20 years, so that when this has come up, the only thing that raised it’s head in my own story was anger at my mother. Even then, it took me about 30 minutes to do the work and shift it. Permanently. It’s also why I am so full of compassion for those who don’t have the same level of understanding of emotions and may be suffering through this forced revisit of horrible memories.

Shame is like an omnipotent invisibility cloak that sits over the top of your life and energetically invades your ventricle system with it’s own type of platelet that essentially exacerbates ALL relating experiences with personal triggers.

No matter how much work you’ve done on it in your life, if you don’t do the energy healing aspect, that clears the cellular footprint, you are always going to have this white noise in the background that systematically repeats “be careful, you might be found out, you will be blamed, it’s your fault, you let everyone down, you could’ve said no, you’re so weak….”

What a perfect way for shame to continue to rob you of your core happiness as well as freeing your brain of the reptilian flight mechanism as soon as any new relating experience shows up in your life.

What happens when you do the emotional strength training with this is that it feels like walking out from that very heavy, very damp invisibility cloak and leaving it on the floor where it lands. Emotional freedom from shame actually does have a feeling. It’s like you are breathing to a new depth of your being for the first time ever. You didn’t realise that those breaths could feel the way they do. It’s an actual thing and I know, because I’ve experienced it.

Not taking advantage of this time with healing is a choice to keep living this way. Not looking at your internal dialogue and that open and honest dialogue of those around you is a choice to stay in fear of the shame.

Every soul is on a journey, and while my work isn’t for everyone, it is for the people who look at these things as an opportunity to grow. I am desperate to help as many people as I can shift through this with my very safe, very secure processes. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. Truly it isn’t. We cannot miss that 12 MILLION women have posted about this – it’s a global sonic boom that’s begging to be implanted into our evolutionary processes.

I invite you to come and join me starting this Tuesday the 24th of October Australian EST.