Have you heard or read the statistics around breast cancer lately?

Holy dooley Batman!

It’s staggering!FAKE

I bet if you allowed yourself to sit in those statistics for a while, you’d end up being shit scared of the two boobies sitting on your chest right now too.

The incidents of breast cancer aren’t diminishing, they are going up, and they are also occurring in younger women in increasing numbers.

Medical science has travelled miles in the research, and if you were to research how much money was put to breast cancer research each year, you would also agree that it too is staggering.

So, if you are someone who don’s the pink ribbon, or buys the pink ribbon products all in the hope that one day if you end up being one of the one in eight women who will get breast cancer, read on.

I will provide you with some compelling reasons as to the emotional impact thoughts and belief systems have on a woman’s body which can make those statistics scary as having the squits in a third world country with not enough clean underwear or a fresh water source.

Just before you get to the list, I remind you, I am a medically friendly natural therapist who stands very firm in her belief that if this emotional work was added to your medical program, and some of those millions of dollars of research funds were put to measuring outcomes for women who included both, as well as the third bucket of goodness – how sugar impacts the body, we would finally start to see inroads into life changing evidence that cancer survival rates will increase, and then over generations, cancer rates dropping all together. 

The emotional aspect of cancer, I believe, is the missing link. There’s no magic pill to take, it’s going looking for what that emotional trauma is, whether it is old, or new and clearing it out for good. 

If you are living with breast cancer and you are reading this list, this is not a blanket one size fits all concept, if there’s nothing on the list that makes sense for your story and you have genetics that pre-disposes you, my heart goes out to you, I implore you to do the emotional work on the emotions associated with the fact your boobs are causing you emotional trauma. Also, if you are open to it, work with someone who does genetic emotional memory work, in conjunction with your medical program. Then also do the emotional work about how scared and pissed off you are that this is showing up in your today. 

So, let’s get to the good gear:

Reason’s not to be scared of your boobs:

  1. 7 out of 8 women won’t get breast cancer (based on the statistic I heard above)

    It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you stay out of the doom that cancer statistics show. If you want to focus on the rare chance that you are that one person in eight, then continue reading, there’s going to be more reasons to shift you from the fear.

  2. The boobs are the nurture point of a female : If none of the following have occurred in your life, go to point 4.

    These two body parts are the parts of the body that if you look at the biology of a mammal, were created through evolution to feed the offspring.

    • This is why statistics will show that women who have breast fed their babies have a reduced incidence of breast cancer.
      • Why? Because they have used their boobs for ‘what they were made for’.
      • Women who don’t breast feed, in some circles, may as well be shoved up on the proverbial stake and burnt. The message of ‘failure’ through society and generations weighs heavily on women who don’t breast feed.
        Message of encouragement: It’s actually all about making sure the baby doesn’t die of starvation, whether it’s breast milk or formula, you do what you need to to know that your baby is being nourished. That’s what a nurturer is.
    • If a woman has a pregancy termination, this is still a major emotional trauma around the nurturer aspect of a woman’s psyche. While there’s a t-shirt for having fake boobs (above), you’ll never EVER find a shirt made with “yeah, I had an abortion, so what?”
      • In some circles, there is a whole heap of judgement heaped on a woman who makes this choice, and over time, the guilt and burden as milestone birthday’s come about, school starts, all of those moments of “I wonder what…” creates further pockets of emotional trauma.
      • In the evolution of woman, with the genetic memory and expectations of a woman being created to pro-create, that a termination goes against nature. Boom, emotional trauma that they are doing something wrong, where in actual fact, when a woman makes an informed decision today, she’s doing it for her own reasons, and that should be enough.
      • Now, speaking to the women over 50, think back to the days where you had these decisions taken out of your hands so you wouldn’t bring shame on the family or ruin your life or worse, theirs. This is an emotional trauma the size of a Mack Truck. This is my theory as to why women of that generation are the biggest slice of the cancer pie chart.
        Message of encouragement: No one has the right to judge her for her choice. The End.
    • If a woman has a miscarriage or stillbirth
      • Similar to terminations, there’s a mindset that you’ve done something wrong, that it’s your fault, what could I have done differently. All hammering your nurture point, because the chemical miracle going on in your body to help with the pregnancy hasn’t panned out how it’s meant to, even if the stillbirth is from a chord death. We are the incubator, it must be our fault. WRONG.
        Message of encouragement: No, it’s not, and this is where medicine can come in in all it’s glory, find out what the disturbance is, have regular scans, you can turn it around and that little soul will make it to you, just like it’s meant to.
    • Adoption
      • Again, especially poignant for women who have been made to give up children, they didn’t want to, but were made to, either because they were too young, the shame to family, religious beliefs, all of those things. Even if it was a conscious choice, as per above with terminations, the milestone dates and life etc.
        Message of encouragement: It’s important to look at all parties to the decision and make sure you aren’t taking on the responsibility of every other person, just your own and then make peace with it.
    • Sexual assault/rape/domestic violence/incest
      • This is where I start to ask, what breast is the cancer in. If it’s right breast, there is a possibility that you have been traumatised by a male. Again, holding in the emotions associated with these trauma’s are an indictment on society. I wrote it about it when Rolf Harris was convicted for another website. Bringing shame on the family, being made to feel like it was your fault or you asked for it.
        Message of encouragement: No part of your story, has anywhere in it, that you deserved to be violated, either the first time with the perpetrator and then again with any family or friends who didn’t support your need for help. 
  3. If any of point 2 are in your life, there’s a really great positive action you can take to stop being frightened.
    • Talk to someone – get all your secrets out. Find someone who will not judge, who will listen and allow you to say everything you’ve ever wanted to say. If you try someone and they don’t listen, the find someone else. There are a number of natural therapists who can help you, Emotional Strength Trainers, Reiki Therapists (traditional Reiki you can set the intention as you go into the session, and then you don’t need to say anything to anyone), EFT Tapping specialists, bio-resonance therapists, kinesiologists, accupuncturists.
    • Talk to your mother’s and grandmother’s. Find out if they had similar ordeals or have these things in their life. These may be the genetic memory links that you can remove to ensure you either have the best chance at beating the disease and be the good side of the statistic, or prevent it even showing up in your life.
    • If this has happened to you, document it and leave it somewhere so your daughters and sons will know the family history in case it shows up for them for no reason.
  4. Love your boobs

    This doesn’t need bullet points. Because checking your boobs is a good practice, but here’s how I want you to change it. As you are feeling them, say everything wonderful about them, do not be frightened of what you might find, just love them up like they are the greatest gift the human form ever gave you. Change the energy with which you touch them to that of loving yourself and adoring them. Don’t handle them if you are frightened of finally having the day where you feel something. Find the statistics on how many lumps found are just benign cysts and hold onto that knowledge when you go for a check up.

  5. One woman’s journey doesn’t mean it’s going to be yours

    We are all on a long journey of the soul. We are born to die and experience everything in between. Is life fair? No, not all the time, but by Jiminey Crickets, you can have a good go at it. Any woman who has been dealt the breast cancer blow and had her time here limited because of it has left a lasting impact. I defy you to find anyone left behind who hasn’t had the woman who was taken left a legacy.

    As society grows past the imperfect balance that women are fighting to be heard and accepted, we will start to see medical science taking those giant leaps forward that mean that more women will be shining lights of hope because they beat the disease.

    On the higher level discussions around a souls journey, and how someone’s journey ends, it’s important to remain an individual and to be accepting of that woman standing in front of you and the decisions she’s making about her own health and wellbeing.

    If she takes the road of suffering through the disease, then she is teaching you that can unequivocally say “no thanks” and that’s the first step in placing your order with the big U on how you want to live your life.

    Positive actions come in many shapes and forms. For the women with the BRCA gene having surgery to pre-empt the disease, believe it or not, if you are sitting there shaking your head about that one, it is a positive action. It’s still important to do the emotional work to ensure that the secondary cancers don’t have a hope in hell of showing up too.

Last year I did a small survey hoping that I would be able to get some data in place to speak with cancer bodies to see if they would entertain the idea of funding some medical research. One man left a comment on my website through his comprehension skills, that somehow my survey indicated that women had earned their cancer because of the life story. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is also just a blog with a couple of thousand words in it, it’s purpose is meant to have you start asking the question of ‘maybe’ and if none of the above has been in your life, the letting go of the fear that just because you are a woman you have to keep breast cancer on your radar. That’s the greatest lie.

This concept is actually across all illness and disease from the sore throat all the way to manky cancers. Emotional trauma is a foundation. Trauma means different things to different people. That’s why this can’t be a blanket approach. The very nature of the chemistry of cancers, I am convinced, if linked to an emotional trauma, can also be shown in clinical data to be a reason why one woman has one kind of breast cancer versus another one with a different chemically structured breast cancer.

I need to work with the science people to start testing the theory, so that the focus can be removed from who is right and wrong, but getting those survival rates up, and over the next couple of generations, getting those diagnoses to start dropping instead of increasing, because women who have had the above mentioned trauma’s seek emotional strength support to clear out the pocket of depletion in the emotional immune system, so that the rest of the immune system can fight the good fight.

There’s a doctor in the USA who has started to form a link with her ACE program – you can read about her here: Dr Nadine Burke Harris – her TED talk video is right at the bottom. If you are reading this and know her, please let her know I’ve tried to get in touch with no response.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a happy, whole, healthy life now and always.