How often do we say or do something from a place of our own authenticity only to have someone come along and say “you’ve offended me” or “you are wrong”.

What’s your go to reaction?

Do you shrug your shoulders and say “oh well”?

Do you internalise what they’ve said and modify your behaviour for ever more because you fear someone else might get offended or tell you you are wrong?

Or the biggie… do you completely own their reaction, take responsibility for it and then try and back track and appease them and make amends?

Today I had someone, who has never interacted with me before in this online group I am a member of, let me know that they weren’t happy with a meme I posted. While I remained polite, I wasn’t going to take responsibility for her reaction, which gave me the inspiration to share with you my take on paying the price for other people’s shiz.

Awareness is key and boundaries.

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